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Lady Death, Cremator and the nameless wolves meet Matthias on the battlefield. She states ner name is no longer Hope she is Lady Death and orders the attack. She berates him for killing her mother and charges in while Cremator takes on his minions. Matthias thinks to himself that there is more going on here than this girl realizes. She slices through thin air as the apparition fades, he has no need to face her when his minions can do the job for him.

As Lady death battles she meets Niccolo's spirit on the battlefield and initially goes to help it but her wolves growl at it and she instead kills him, it fades into a demon in phantasm. Hopes's mother appears before her and she is transported back to her home and gardens. Overjoyed she runs to her but her mother starts to quickly point out that she got to Hell very easily and Matthias' victory over Lucifer was just as simple, that they are all pawns in a bigger game.

Lady Death charges on Lucifer's domain as he laughs at the corruption of innocence. She calls him out as Lucifer himself and not her father with her sword and powers she removes Lucifer's veil and reveals. Lucifer admits it was a challenge to take a good human and make them wicked instead. Lady Death demands her life back which Lucifer says he can do but will not.

She attacks with her sword and the two fall into the lake of fire where their battle rages on until her sword breaks in two and Lucifer's impales her shoulder. He drags the unconscious Lady from the lake where her swords head reforms from pure energy and she rises saying that he told her in hell that desire equals power and her desire is to kill him. She gives him one last chance which he refuses and as she sucks the power from his body into hers he curses her to never return to the earth again while the living still walk. She casts his body into his domain as it crumbles into the lake of fire and she crafts her own domain, the Endless Graveyard ready for the souls of those lives she will take on her quest to return home.

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