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Kurt Kilgore lived what seemed to be a normal life but it was far from normal. Kurt was a secret agent, a good one too, he worked for a large mysterious organization that gave him his orders. Though Kurt was a professional killer he still felt guilty and he would always try to do what he felt was right...he did his best to be a good person. As often as his "career" schedule would allow Kurt would go to church to confess his sins, which were usually caused by his work. The church he frequently attended was his not so holly brother, Father Daniel Kilgore, was located at. Kurt would confess his dark deeds to his brother even though Daniel claims to hate him.  The brothers have a very strained relationship which was most likely caused by Amanda Kilgore, Kurt's wife. 
Kurt's impending doom began on a seemingly average mission to retrieve a captured scientist. While rescuing this scientist Kurt learned of the cruel and painful experiments he had subjected some of the local populace to. After seeing what those who had survived went through and become Kurt shot and killed the scientist but freed the survivors and led them to freedom. While Kurt confessed the gory details to his brother he said he actually felt good after the mission because he actually helped people. After confessing he tried telling his brother Daniel that he and their mom are worried about him but Daniel let Kurt know he only listens to his confessions so no one has to endure Kurt's sins and outside of church Kurt is dead to Daniel. After leaving the church Kurt waited to cross the street and as he realized something was going on he reached for his gun but he was too late, a woman injected him with something that rendered him unconscious. Kurt awoke tied to a chair and was brutally interrogated about something the scientist he killed had, but he had no idea what they were searching for (read issue 1 and you will). Of course since he does not know anything he is killed after the interrogation. While Daniel waited in the limo after Kurt's funeral Kurt's ghost talked to Daniel. Kurt begged Daniel to look in on his wife Amanda for fear the people that had him killed would come after her. Daniel refused to admit he was talking to his dead brother and tried to blame his "delusion" on his desire to see Amanda. Kurt eventually convinced him to check in on her and that night Kurt woke Daniel up on her couch to tell him to get Amanda out of the apartment and run but it was too late. Two intruders bust down the door and Daniel charged at them telling them to leave but as he did this they opened fire. Kurt instinctively tried to push his brother out of the way but in doing so he fused with his brother when this happened Daniel´s eyes began to glow white and a white and black substance began erupting from his eyes, ears and mouth. The substance covered him, stopped the bullets and he lunged at the intruders and decapitated them with his razor sharp claws.  Daniel´s realizing he was talking to Kurt (they both share Daniel´s body as Haunt) began to realize he may nt be delusional after all.  With Kurt's experience in espionage he knew there were more guys close by looking for Amanda so he helped guide Daniel (assuming Daniel has main control over their body). Daniel walked to a window, which Kurt had told him to and as he stood in front of it Kurt took over and they jumped out the window in search of the remaining enemies. As Daniel freaked out Kurt reassured him he used to do stuff like "this" all the time, the plummeted to the ground but Kurt used his skills and the suit to adhere to the wall until he spotted the van the men were in. A short fight with the two remaining hit men, the entire time they were fighting the brothers bickered, Daniel was still not used to talking to his dead brother let alone share his body with him and Kurt kept asking Daniel to let him control the body but he did not know how. Once the men in the van were dead Daniel still freaked out about the whole situation and even worse that he had killed four men needed to know what to do with the two men in the apartment and the two in the alley. Kurt told him to call a "cleaner" to take care of the bodies and the mess once he showed up Daniel sheepishly opened the door to a big brute of a guy who threw him into the wall. The cleaner wanted to know how he got his number and when Daniel revealed Kurt was his brother the big man began to weep because he considered Kurt to be like a brother to him. Once the mess was cleaned the following morning Daniel yet again reverted to his rude selfish ways as he refused to keep watch over Amanda anymore even though Kurt begged and pleaded with him. Daniel snapped and told him to leave him alone and get someone else but Kurt knew Daniel is the only one that could see and hear him. 
Daniel went back to his church to apologize for another night away but when he opened his fellow priest's door he found his body disemboweled on a desk. Moments after seeing this Daniel was confronted by the killer, a man from Kurt's past known as Cobra, luckily for Daniel Kurt followed and merged with him to form Haunt. The fight between them ended when Haunt slipped in blood and fell but when they got back on their feet Cobra was gone.  Daniel became even angrier when Kurt had him realize whether he likes it or not he is now involved but to ease his brothers mind he guided Daniel to one of the eight entrances to his organization's head quarters. The entrance was hidden in the master bedroom of a nasty old house, a secret elevator took them down eight stories to where he once worked. As Daniel, along with Kurt's ghost, goes to exit the elevator  he is surrounded by Kurt's "co-workers" who all have their weapons aimed at him.  Kurt attempts to keep Daniel calm and tell him not to make any sudden movements while he explains his predicament but Daniel gets a tranquilizer dart to the head anyway. Daniel awakens to see he has been taken to the holding cells with Kurt at his side. Daniel looks at their cell 
and asks Kurt who they are. Kurt reminds him of his last confession in which he told him about freeing homeless Bolivians who were subjects of Dr. Shillingers  mysterious experiments; those few in the cell with them were the least affected Kurt assumed the rest were being kept somewhere else and he hoped his company was attempting to help them. One very odd Bolivian woman stared at Daniel and called him " Haunt," she was the first to give them their name. She tells Daniel she sees Kurt, but only his energy of sorts. She tells them their blood connects them and Daniel´s life "feeds" Kurt's ghost as protects him from passing on completely; Kurt and Daniel have become spiritually tethered to one another. While Daniel is interrogated by Beth Tosh and Director Santz, the agents reveal they had been keeping tabs on Daniel they knew about his frequents visits to the same prostitute, Kurt confessing to him and the killing of multiple assailants and the call to the cleaner. Kurt advises Daniel to tell them everything, so Daniel starts with the missing notebook of the doctor which led to him telling them about Kurt, as a ghost, helping him. Beth assumes he is making things up and punches him in the face and has him put back in the holding cells. While Daniel sleeps he is injected with a sedative by a mysterious and hulking man, while this is going on Kurt tries waking his brother only achieving this by having them become Haunt. Kurt is surprised to see a "freelancer" inside the facility and recognizes the guy as the man that killed him, though he was not the person who had him killed. They kill the freelancer but are surrounded by armed guards again, Kurt tells his brother it is okay to relax and let the sedative work so as Daniel says please don't shoot he passes out. 
Daniel is again taken to the interrogation room where Beth and Director Santz still do not believe his story about Kurt's ghost helping him. After Santz walks away Daniel asks agent Beth Tosh if she believes him, of course she does not believe because she has seen stranger things and wants proof. Kurt has Daniel tell her "Autumn Leaves" in attempt to get her to believe them, once Daniel says the message Beth begins to cry and then leaves the room. After this Daniel starts screaming and assumes Kurt had an affair with Beth but before Kurt could say anything Daniel goes on a tirade about how  much he loved Amanda, how special she was to him. Daniel tries punching his brother and claim Kurt ruined his life and he could have had any woman he wanted but he wanted Amanda, Daniel´s tears make it impossible for him to speak so he continues to cry in a corner of the room. While this went on Kurt could only try to calm his brother and "avoid" his punches, Kurt truly felt bad especially when Daniel said Kurt ruined his life. While Daniel broke down Santz and Beth who was beginning to believe Daniel watched as the waited for Assistant Director Rhodes. Rhodes was actually arriving as Kurt was confronted by his brother, she is the head of the investigation into Kurt's murder but Rhodes was actually the person that gave the orders to kill Kurt if he did not know anything about Shillingers note book. While she walked toward the facility she spoke to a man on the phone, this guy is actually her boss and the person looking for Shillingers missing note book.  He was the one that gave her the orders to have Kurt killed, their conversation reveals Rhodes provided the freelance guy with access to Daniel she reports that she was "told" Daniel killed him, this means there are more double agents within the agency, she also reports information the mercenary Cobra told her after he attempted to confront Daniel meaning all these actions against Kurt and Daniel have been due to this mysterious man.           

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