Should he be the only Super pet?

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In the Superman Family of course, should he? I mean for real...Krypto's story, out of them all makes the most sense and isn't just thrown together just to make a superhero. I mean...I really don't see Comet the Superhorse, or Super Monkey flying around that just seems too weird. Not that a super dog isn't weird its just...a super horse? Really? A monkey isn't really needed, and have a hard time seeing work.  Streaky the supercat.....ehh, I mean I could see Streaky working, but his backstory was kinda well....dumb, getting hit with some kinda ray from kryptonite that Supergirl was experimenting on and gaining super powers? 
Now I know some heroes, have either 
1. A ridiculous backstory. 
2. The character is shoe horned in, just to make a different character(weither it be different gender or being or whatever) with the same powers as the other. 
Just to clarify, am not saying that Krypto should be the only Super pet in comics just in the Superman Family. 

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you also forgot to factor in a super-horse is completely terrifying

but yes i think Krypto should be the only super pet

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Beppo should be a devolved kryptonian

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