Brand new Krypto tv series idea(long post within.)

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Alright so been mulling around this idea for a new tv series featuring Krypto, have also thought of another show(but am still piecing all that together). Now do note, I only have a few episodes thought up for each different season, there are also going to be a few new characters involved in the show and also some reoccurring characters just to make things interesting. I was also thinking, that not sure if this would be weird but when Krypto is in his alter ego he can only communicate with other dogs but when he becomes Krypto he can talk with anyone(still a little iffy on that, not entirely 100% on it) But anyway without further ado, lets  see what my mind has thought up of! 
Title: Krypto the Superdog! 
Rating: PG

Main Characters 
Krypto- The main protagonist of the series, much like his master(Superman) he helps and protects others with his various super powers. With Superman being so busy with the justice league, Krypto has been tasked to watched over metropolis as well as from time to time go back and check up on things at the fortress of solitude. Krypto adopts an alter ego known as Charlie(name can be changed), a stray dog in metropolis this gives him a good cover and able to respond to crimes and other things more quickly. 
Alice- A female husky, and Krypto's love interest she is a kind and caring soul and whenever Krypto feels alone or sad she always tries to comfort him the best that she can. She is a tough dog though, and usually isn't afraid to speak her mind about whatever she is thinking of...but she is rather sometimes a little flustered when around Krypto. 
Drex- A big doberman male, at first meeting Krypto he doesn't seem to take a liking to him but over time he slowly warms up to the other dog. His past is a little mystery however, he wasn't born a stray and as such he sometimes feel as if he doesn't belong with the group even when they always say that he does. 
Buster- A light hearted and carefree golden retriever, he is Krypto's best friend and instantly takes a liking to the other dog when not even knowing much about him to begin with. Though he isn't really liked by Drex, the doberman has admitted that he does keep the place cheerful even if he does tell corny jokes, however Buster at times knows when something is wrong and tries to help in any way possible. 
Secondary/Side Characters 
Dog Catcher AKA: Ralf- Honestly a nice guy, however he can take his job a little too seriously in wanting to get the stray dogs and try to find them a nice home. His intentions while good, are seen by other dogs as a crime except for Krypto who understands what he is trying to do is good for the dogs. 
Reporter Jane- A news reporter who is just about at every fight that Krypto gets himself into, she is a professional at her job and always tries to get an interview with the hero much to his annoyance at times. 
Sonic Boom- The first villain that Krypto meets, Boom uses a suit that produces sound to cause destruction and chaos. He also has a number of little sound related gadgets that help him in fights against the super powered dog, being that both the hero and villain know about a dog's sensitive hearing he is a rather difficult villain to take down the first time Krypto meets him. 
 Hex- Another villain that Krypto comes across, Hex is a large alien brute coming across the stars and landing in metropolis to cause havoc. His abilities include super strength, durability and is able to summon fire and morph it in any way shape or form to help him in his fights. 
Reoccurring Characters 
Lex Luthor- While not appearing in a lot of episodes, Lex is seen a few times and in one episode is actually one where Krypto must stop him from unleashing his new destructive weapon to help him destroy the justice league. 
Lois Lane- Only appearing a few times in the series, Krypto sometimes visits Lois to make sure she is ok and not feeling lonely with Superman gone for the time being from metropolis and even spends some time with her to feel like a real dog.  
Darkseid- He only appears once in the series, knowing that Superman is gone he decides to go to metropolis and destroy it entirely to make Superman feel the pain of losing so much that he cares for. The god doesn't look at Krypto the same way as he does Superman, only seeing the dog as just "a dog with a cape and nothing more". 
Superman- Appears throughout  the series from time to time,  when he checks up on Krypto to make sure everything is ok but he only has 2 physical appearances. His first appearance is in the first episode in a flashback prior to leaving explaining to Krypto what his duties are and what times he should check in at the fortress of solitude. His 2nd appearance, in season 4 is when Darkseid invades the city after hearing painful cries from his faithful dog and the two of them beat Darkseid forcing him to retreat near the end of the episode. 
Alright those are the characters, now moving on to the episodes. NOTE: I have only thought up of a few episodes, one for season 1, 3 and while not a lot they are ideas that I have thought of. 
Season 1: Episode 1: Krypto/Charlie
It begins with a flashback, of Superman explaining to Krypto what his duties are to both the city and the fortress and reminding the dog that he should check on the fortress every now and again to make sure things are running smoothly. The episode then fast forwards to  week after that day, with Krypto(wearing a collar with dog tags saying "Charlie") running through the city streets avoiding the dog catcher who is chasing him with a net. Darting down an ally, Krypto runs right into(literally) Buster, who yelps in surprise as he is knocked over while the dog catcher finally catches up to the two dogs. Getting up off of the other, Krypto faces the catcher looking at him though his ears perking up hearing Buster speak to him about a secret hide away they could go to and as Ralf swings down with the net the two dogs run through his legs as he missed with Krypto following the golden retriever to the secret hide away, which is an abandoned building which no one really pays no attention to. Once inside, he is introduced to Alice and Drex which the latter doesn't seem to really look to excited to see him while the former calls him "charming" and after giving his 'name' Krypto is given his own personal corner with a bed, a dog dish and a water bowl, after sneaking his cape and real collar in he hears destruction going on downtown, swifty switching into his cape and collar he takes off while the other 3 dogs are unaware speaking to Buster about leading Krypto into their hide away. 
This is where Krypto meets his first villain Sonic Boom, and after a lengthy fight is finally defeated and sent to jail while Krypto comes rushing back in changed out of his cape and collar panting while the other 3 dogs look at him confused asking where he went, to which his reply "just went for a run." 
Season 3: Episode 10: Identity revealed
After a lengthy and long battle with Hex, that went well into the night Krypto returns home quietly though is rather surprised when Alice, Drex and Buster are still up and looking at the other dog wondering where he had been all this time. Drex pushed Krypto wanting to know where he was going all the time, how he made up excuses every time he needed to leave to go fight crime but before he could answer Krypto heard another crime taking place and took off with Drex following him. Needing to lose him, Krypto moved quickly down the streets turning a corner as Drex followed him though when turning he was rather surprised at seeing the dog gone wondering how he had moved so fast, but the doberman just gave an annoyed growl and went back home while Krypto came out from behind a building in his cape to go fight crime. As he was flying back home, Krypto gave some thought to what the other 3 dogs had said and coming to the conclusion that eventually he would run out of excuses and needing to tell them he decided to tell before all that came down, and as the 3 were told all 3 of them were surprised, Alice was rather embarrassed having met Krypto already in a few romantic scenes, Buster was excited and winded up wanting to know about his adventures, while Drex just stared rather dumbfounded not really sure what to say about it all. 
Season 4: Episode 8: A farewell
It is a rather normal day for metropolis, Krypto is resting on his bed when he hears screams coming from the people and noticing that the sky turned different. Quickly changing, Krypto leaped into action though secretly followed by Buster wanting to view his friend in action. Arriving downtown, to his surprise he comes face to face with Darkseid and a few Apokolips soldiers rather interested in seeing what Superman's dog could do, Darkseid orders his guards to attack Krypto who effortlessly defeats them. Though not really surprised, Darkseid comments on the dog's skill, however he then just calls him "a dog with a cape" before sending a Omega blast towards the dog sending Krypto flying and dropping to the ground, and before Krypto could get up Darkseid comes down and smashes his feet onto the dog causing Krypto to send out a loud painful howl as it reached into the sky and carried on into space. Superman hearing his dog's painful cries quickly comes to his aid, just as Darkseid was walking away from the dog who was slowly getting onto his feet meanwhile in the crowd on the side lines Buster announced his friend's name concerned for him, though to everyone else it was just barking Darkseid turned around rather amused that Superman came all the way just to help his dog. 

Well there you have it folks, my idea and some episode plots for a new Krypto tv show I got more thoughts to it but I wanted to put down what I had so far. Anyway hope everyone enjoys reading, also the season 4 episode has a spoiler so don't read it if you don't wanna. Any comments are appreciated! 
Edit: Jeez now almost 100 views, still no comment. While I like the views, do wanna know what people think of it. Come on folks, I won't get mad if theres negative comments!
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Bump! Know its 2 months old, but its had almost 200 views and I would like to know what people think.  
Edit: Bleh can't bump anymore....<< come on out of 200 views, no one wants to comment on this idea?

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It seems like a fine idea, and has a lot of similarities to the old Krypto show. Pending it's execution, it might be popular, especially with kids.
I never really liked the old Krypto show despite my fondness for the character. I think the problem was that he was anthropomorphized in the series. I like Krytpo The Superdog. Giving him a human personality and making him talk lost it for me. You probably can't make a whole series with an actual dog as the protagonist, though. Oh, well.

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@Kal'smahboi said:
It seems like a fine idea, and has a lot of similarities to the old Krypto show. Pending it's execution, it might be popular, especially with kids.  I never really liked the old Krypto show despite my fondness for the character. I think the problem was that he was anthropomorphized in the series. I like Krytpo The Superdog. Giving him a human personality and making him talk lost it for me. You probably can't make a whole series with an actual dog as the protagonist, though. Oh, well.
I think more to it, the show seemed to be more geared towards kids rather then a general audience like Superman/Batman TAS was more open in terms of audience viewing(though I still watched it anyway). For this show, it would work in a sort of a similar manner so as not to alienate a part of TV viewers cause its kinda hard to make a show great if its just geared to one type of audience. 
As for the humanizing Krypto and having him speak, that wasn't really much of a problem given that he was really just talking to other dogs. It would kinda work in a similar way here.

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