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Kree-Lar is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud circling the blue star known as Pama.


Kree-Lar was originally the capital of the Kree Empire and was home to the Supreme Intelligence up until the events of Annihilation and the fallout from that catastrophe. Kree-Lar is now the heart of The Annihilation Wave's ceded and occupied Earth-616 territories and is being ruled over by Ravenous, Annihilus' former right hand, until their true leader's newly reincarnated body can reach adulthood.

Kree-Lar recently came under attack by The Phalanx during the conquest of Kree Space at the hands of Ultron and is now currently under siege from both The Shi'ar Empire's Military Forces as well as Blastaar's Armies from The Negative Zone, both of whom have been united by the mysterious Talon of The Fraternity of Raptors.

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