Kraven's Strength - Huh?!

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The classic era had quite a few inconsistencies (possible understatement of the year), but one that has me scratching my head this morning is the strength of Sergei Kravinoff. I've always believed he has 2 ton strength because of handbook entries and I still do, but his history is all over the place. Sergei doesn't have any sheer lifting feats (tossing cars, lifting tanks, etc), in fact, the most impressive strength related feat we've ever seen in casually punching through walls and the claim (made at least twice per issue, jeez) that he can drop an elephant/rhino in a single strike. These are all fine under the 2 ton range, but let me share with you some things that made me go "wait a second..."

1) Claims that once Spidey's speed is gone, Kraven's "far greater strength" will earn him the victory. Huh?!


2) 4th panel, Spidey thinks "mustn't give him a chance to recover! He's too strong.." I know 2 tons isn't shabby for street level, but would Spider-Man really think that's "too strong?"

3) I know Kraven has the upperhand here, but would 2 tons really be enough to overpower Spidey in a grapple like this? Major negative, I say. What's especially humorous is that Spider-Man doesn't even win through his strength, he just rolls out of the way.

4) Parker briefly struggles with a "bone crushing bearhug."

5) And on the opposite side of the spectrum, we have an encounter where Kraven claims a gorilla is stronger.

Could this just be credited to the inconsistencies of early story telling? Absolutely. But, as a big fan of the character, I wanted to share my confusion surrounding this and hear what you guys think about this subject. I'm not looking to redefine how we classify his strength- I still believe it's 2 tons - I just wanted to bring this up for discussion.

Sources saying he's 2 tons:

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Damn those basic vicious eagles 

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LMAO at this picture.
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@Morpheus_: It's silly as hell, but it worked :D

@spiderbat87 said:

Damn those basic vicious eagles

I also lol'd at that!

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I'll have to go through the issue again, but I think the first two scans are from their second encounter and in the beginning Kraven was boasting about how his new herbs and potions make him stronger than ever. Obviously he was proven wrong but that may be the reason he thought he was stronger. I think his strength can vary depending on what jungle medicines he comes up with.

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Honestly, the writing for the earlier days was severely inconsistant if you ask me. There is no way that Kraven should be able to overcome Spider-man in a bout of raw strength, unless Peter is holding back everything. (which I doubt he would in a life or death situation)

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@Morpheus_ said:

LMAO at this picture.

Nipple lasers.....That is all

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@The Man of Yesteryear: At his maximum, he's 2 tons. The potions never brought him above that. He eventually reached a point where he didn't even need to take them, they're just in his system. Although, that didn't stop him from taking them since they messed with his mind ("Kraven's Last Hunt" for example).

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Should he get a boost? He's not that much of a threat to Spidey.

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