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 The monster ant known as Krang.
 The monster ant known as Krang.
Professor Carter traveled to Europe to obtain an ingredient he needed from the bark of the Krakow tree so he could complete his growth serum. Carter stayed inside an abandon castle where he met the caretaker named Ludwig who would end up helping him complete the growth serum. Ludwig had planned to steal the formula from Carter but he wanted to see if the serum worked so he tested it on an ant. The ant was doused with a heavy dose and it started to grow into a giant in a matter of minutes. The serum had increased the size of the ant's brain and provided it the ability to speak. The massive ant called himself Krang and he wanted the growth serum to give to insects all over the world so they could conquer the human race. Krang would obtain the professor's notes and started to create his own growth serum back at the lab. The castle walls started to crumble around Krang and he was killed by a giant ant-eater. Professor Carter had poured the rest of his own serum on an ant-eater but added another ingredient that shrank the mammal back to normal size in one hour. Krang reverted to its normal size when he was killed and Professor Carter destroyed his notes to the growth serum.  


Krang was created by Dick Ayers and Jack Kirby in 1960 and first appeared in Tales To Astonish # 14. 

Powers & Abilities

Krang was a giant ant that possessed superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. The growth serum increased Krang's brain size which gave it intelligence and the ability to speak to humans. 

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