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Story 1: Korak saves a white man from a leopard with an arrow through its heart. The man, Jeremy Carter, is a art teacher who is traveling in a small airplane to find scenic views for his work. He reports to Korak that he saw from the air a white girl being held captive by the Bakusi tribe in a volcano cone in the middle of their lake. The three fly back by night and land on the lake out of sight of the village. After eluding guards they steal a canoe and paddle out to the volcano. Though there is a cave entrance from the water, Korak and Pahkut decide to scale the sheer cliff rather than risk a trap. They leave Jeremy behind to wait. Once at the top of the crater, Korak and Pahkut have to descend another sheer cliff to reach the interior. Korak spies the white girl dressed as a priestess holding a ritual at the geyser in the middle of the crater. Afterward, while she walks along the waterside alone, Korak approaches her to rescue her. Lucille was the daughter of a missionary that the Bakusi killed before they took her to the volcano a year before to be a priestess of the geyser god. Lucille can’t climb, so the three have to go through the caves to reach freedom, where the other Bakusi god, a gigantic vulture, is kept. They come upon three priests preparing to sacrifice Jeremy to appease volcanic disturbances. Korak strikes the bird in the breast with a spear while Pahkut, on its back, mangles its throat. The bird dead, they have to then best the three priests. Moving on through the caves to freedom, they come upon Lucille’s father, still alive in a cage. Together, they make it back to the plane, where Korak and Pahkut bid the three adieu.

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Story 2: While searching for the missing Pahkut and Torkut, Korak watches tribesmen row out to their island in a lake with a captive baby elephant. Thinking they may have taken the two apes, Korak rows out by night and attempts to free the elephant, but is captured by warriors and taken to their queen the next day. She sentences him to the “warrior’s test” as his punishment for theft. Armed with a bow, spear and shield, he must run down a gauntlet that is fashioned from two high hedges. First he bests two armored archers by shooting one in the foot and the other in the hand. He comes to the two apes, chained in his path as an obstacle. He then must swim past a gigantic crocodile to reach the finish. He kills the croc and then swims away, taunting the queen. He swims back to shore in half an hour and musters the ape tribe as well as some elephants. They swim back to the island by night and crash into the village to rescue Pahkut and Torkut.

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