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Kiro was born on Iskalon after his species was moved to the aquatic planet to become members of The School. Iskalon was made of a variety of aquatic sentients. Kiro was a know warrior, able to fend off the larger predators with a simple sword and he rpomoted the current leader of The School Primor. Iskalon was a world that moslty kept to itself though through Primor Iskalon sought to intergrate itself into galactic politics. An event that would shape Kiro's morals was when Iskalon sent delages to the Galactic Empire to negotiate a truce. This delagation was killed and Kiro along with a number of his people cried for rebellion. Primor also echoed these feelings and wanted to open talks with the Rebel Alliance. Agent Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, Leia Organa, and Chewbacca were dispatched for the negotiations and to find the missing Rebel agent Tay Vanis. Kiro himself was ready to fight agains the Empire and hoped the talks ended in and alliance between the Rebels and The School. While Kiro was waiting to hear the final word about the negotiations, he stumbled upon another Skalon named Kendle who was in contact with Imperial Admrial Griggor Tower. She was plotting to betray the Rebels to the Empire since she believed it to be an unwinnable battle. Kiro was thrown in a rage and attacked the traitor. He smashed her water helmet, but was forced to retreat to fix his own rebreather suit leaving Kendle to die. While Kendle lay dying an Imperial missile barrage hit the planet and casued a massive tidal wave that ended up saving Kendle's life. 
Kiro was furious about Kendle's survival and swore to hunter her down and gut her like a fish. Kiro caught up with the traitor when she was paying her respects to the detroyed city, but she escaped again. Kiro wold encounter Kendle when she was leading Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa into a trap trying to drown them. Kiro attacked, but was held back by Luke and Leia and in taking time to explain the situation allowed Kendle to escape. The Rebels and Kiro resolved to collect the dead and save the wounded of Iskalon. Primor himself was killed by the force of the wave and Chakai sperpents rose from the depths to hunt the wounded Iskalons. Luke, Leia, and Kiro were forced to fight off numerous serpents. Kendle returned once more though this time she was bringing the fight to Kiro. She had located a number of Imperial seatroopers and gathered some Iskalon warriors and blamed the Rebels for the tidal wave. During the battle Kiro's helmet was struck by a blaster bolt and shattered. This left him a distinctive scar running from the top of his temple to in between his eyes. In oder to save his life Luke and Leia pushed Kiro into the water, but this casued a Chikai sperent to attack the group. Just then the Millenium Falcon arrived and killed the serpent which then fell ontop of Kendle killing her instantly. Mone, Primor's son had then taken control of The School and asked Kiro to be the "Defedner if Iskalon' against all outsiders. 
Kiro's people would adopt in isolationist attitude for most of the Galactic Cival War and remain so until after the Battle of Endor. Luke Skywalker was sent to iskalon to ask them to send a diplomat to the Confernce of Free Plants that was forming. Once Luke landed he found Rik Duel and his gang looting the planet and was caught in a battle between them and the fish people. Kiro stopped the fight when he recognized Luke, but wa angered he had saved the smugglers. Luke explained the situation and requested Mone send a represeitive though The School kept its isolatinist ideals. Luke respectively withdrew with the smugglers, bt not before Kiro requested that he's join Luke and the Alliance. Luke gladly accpeted the Iskalon and had Kiro ride in Rik Duel's Moonshadow since Luke's X-Wing starfighter only had room for him and Plif. 
Once aoard Kiro accompanied Luke and Rik Duel's gang to their next destination, the planet Shawken. Once their they were greeted by the planet leader Santor. Shawken was an Imperial stronghold that was abandoned after the Battle of Endor. Rik Duel and his gang opted to explore some catacombs near their landing site while Luke, Plif, and Kiro attended a dinner with Santor. While Luke was explaining his companions he let it slip about the gnags past and Kiro figured they would try to stela the artifacts in the catacombs. Once there Kiro found the group doing just that and his noble nature made him try and lecture the group. Chihdo the fired his blaster as a warning to Kiro which just made Kiro throw him through a wall. Thi was a bad move since it activated a trigger that selaed the tomb and activated the Shawken device which was a superweapon capable of destroying the planet. The gang began to panic without a way out, but Kiro resolved that Luke would free them when they did not return. The Zeltron Dani latched onto Kiro's confidence and arm. Kiro was correct has Luke and Plif rescued the group, but then learned of the superweapons imminet detonation. Kiro and Luke volunteered to sop the weapon at all costs and dove into the cave lake to save the planet. Kiro was able to trick Luke into relinquishing his lightsaber since hois aquatic adaptivitiy allowed him to move faster. Once there Kiro had a vison and plundged the blade into a carved face destroying the weapon, but Kiro seemingly died in the process. Once Luke retreived his body the gang and Luke mourned the loss of their friend though Plif sensed life so they rushed him to Endor for medical treatment. Kiro was soon back on his feet. 
Due to the events on Shawken Kiro leanred he was force sensitive and was eager to begin Jedi training under Luke Skywalker. Kiro was denied though since Luke was afraid of creating another Darth Vader whic caused Kiro to go into a depression where he just hung out with Rik Duel's gang. During a card game which ended in a firefight between Rik Duel and an Alliance soldier named Crin, Kiro tried to defuse the situation and Dani tried to disarm Crin though it took Luke Skywaler to end the fight. After seeing Luke handle this situation Kiro exclaimed he had no reason to be angry with Luke and wanted to show patience and insight. Kiro was chosen along with Rik Duel, Chihdo, Dnai and a few others to be part of a special task force for the Alliance. Luke trained them on marksmanship, weapons training, hand to hand combat, meditation, and swordmanship. Some of the group wished to become Jedi though only Kiro had force potential. Luke still had reservations about training Jedi though. The training had an unexpected side effect though, Dani the Zeltron that had pinned over Luke for years stated to fall in love with Kiro and the feeling was mutual. Thoug most thought Dani was only interested in Kiro since he had blond haor and force potential like Luke this relationship quickly escalted into full blown love. 
After the task force was formed Luke asked Dani and Kiro to come with him on a missionto Kinooine, where a group of Alliance soldiers had disappeared. Once their Dani and Kiro scouted the shoreline while Luke unpacked the gear. Dani and Kiro were soon attacked by Dark Lady Lumiya who had destroyed Kiro's rebreather suit and taken Dani captive. Kiro managed to cralw back to Luke and begged he save his beloved. Luke place him into the water to recuperate and went to Duel lumiya. Luke was defeated and captured. Kiro recovered enough of his strength to reapir his suit and went to rescue his commander and girlfriend. Kiro killed serveral Nagai warriors along thwe way and was abkle to free Luke from his cell though he could not find Dani in the compound. Kiro's dedication and spirit changed Luke's mind about teaching him the Jedi ways and Luke said he would be glad to have Kiro as an apprentice. Kiro helped Luke build a shot lightsaber which allowed Luke to win a second duel with Lumiya and they took her captive. The Nagai fleet arrived after that and Kiro was forced to look for Dani so they could retreat off Kinooine. Kior found her inside the underground compound curled ina ball and almost catatonic from the torture she recieved from a Nagai named Den Siva. Kiro and Dani made their way back to the ship while Luke held off the nagai warriors though Siva was able to circumvent thwm and cut off their escape rourte. Siva had become obseesed with Dani and e=wanted her back. Kiro fought Siva who ended up breaking his Rebreather suit and the two plumeted into the ocean when Kiro tackled Siva. Once in the water Siva slashed Kiro across the stomach and caused blood to seep to the surface. Dani became distraught at loosing her lover and was pulled to safety by Luke. The Alliance assumed Kiro dead and mourned his passing though they did not have much time since this action saw the start of the Nagai-Tof war. 
In truth Kiro survived the attack and returned home after stealing some Nagai intel that showed them preparing to attack Iskalon his homeworld. Kiro became a legend when he slaughtered dozens of Nagai single handedly. Luke and Lando returned to Iskalon to reveal the passing of Kiro though he came acroos Nagai corpes and saw with his own eyes his friend in the water. Luke was overjoyed to learn Kiro had survived and they fought alongside one another again during the Battle of Iskalon. Kiro realized Iskalon needed him more than the Alliance and asked Luke and Lando to not tell Dani of his survival since his needs were pale when compared to his homeworld. Without Kiro Dani had become vengeful and full of hate. She wanted nothing more than to see the Nagai people die a quick death. Luke had promised to keep Kiro's survival a secret, but could not bare to see the pain she went through. Luke requested an Alliance squad reveal Kiro's survival. What she did and how this story ended is unknown for now. 

Powers and Abilities

Kiro was trained his whole life to be a defender of Iskalon. Using a simple sword he was able to defeat much larger Chikai serpents. Once he joined Luke's task force he became proficent in marksmanship, swordsmanship, weaponry, martial arts, and mediataiton. Kiro had great agility and usually used melee weapons when even fighting sentients armed with blasters or slug throwers. He could dodge and weave in-between blaster bolts to take down more heavily armed forces with his sword and dagger. When Kiro did use a blaster he preferred the Iskalon Stinger model, which was adapted to underwater use. This meant its range was significantly reduced, but was much more powerful than a standard stormtrooper rifle. Kiro also had a great deal of force potential considering he was able to receive a vison even though he had no previous training, though he never ended up getting any training and his potential was left untapped. Kiro's species were naturally adaptaed to live underwater. He could dive to extreme depths without suffering from the pressures of the water and swim faster than any human. Kiro required a Rebreather suit to function outside of the water. This suit served to be Kiro's weakness on a number of occasions such as when he was attacked by Dark Lady Lumiya and later her aide the Nagai Den Siva.

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