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 Birth, Early Life and Heliopolis

The boy named Kira was to be born to Via Hibiki, in the 55th year of the Cosmic Era, along with his twin sister, Cagalli. In order to test a new type of artificial womb, the twin's father, Ulen, extracted Kira in utero and continued to gestate him in the artificial womb, which, while horrifying Via, successfully created a perfect coordinator in Kira. Following the tragic death of their parents in a murder plot by Rau La Flaga, Kira was adopted by the Yamato family. His sister, Cagalli, was adopted by Orb Representative Uzumi Nara Athha and returned to the Orb Union on Earth.  

While enjoying his peaceful childhood, Kira met and befriended another child, named Athrun Zala, who turned out to be a fellow coordinator. However, Athrun was forced to leave Heliopolis for the ZAFT controlled PLANTS, and so the two were separated. Nevertheless, before leaving, Athrun built Kira an automaton bird, appropriately named "Birdy" as a farewell gift.   
 Kira - Aged 13
Years later, Kira lived on on Heliopolis, a neutral colony that had severed ties with both the Earth Forces and the ZAFT, with his friends Miriallia Haw, , Tolle Koenig, Kuzzey Buskirk,  Sai Argyle and, his girlfriend, Flay Allster. At this time, though being good friends with Sai, Kira harboured a secret crush on the good-natured Flay. 


 In C.E (Cosmic Era) 71, the colony of Heliopolis was attacked by the ZAFT forces, and Kira and his friends were forced to find shelters to avoid the bloodshed. While evacuating, Kira caught site of an enigmatic young woman, whom he decided to follow, concerned that she may endanger herself.  The two eventually encountered two Earth Alliance Mobile Suits in production, the GAT X-105 Strike and the GAT-X303 Aegis. The young woman entered a hysterical state, collapsing to the ground and cursing her father for building Alliance war machines in a supposedly neutral nation like Heliopolis. Kira assisted the still-in-shock woman to a safety shelter, and after making sure she was safe, quickly searched for another for himself.   
During his search, Kira came across a skirmish between a ZAFT soldier and an Earth Alliance female officer. Kira warned the officer of an impending attack by another ZAFT soldier, saving the woman's life, who, after assisting her, revealed herself to be Officer Murrue Ramius. The approaching ZAFT soldier threw Kira into a state of disarray, as he recognised his childhood friend, Athrun Zala, as one of Heliopolis' attackers. Amidst Kira and Athrun's mutual confusion and shock, Ramius attempted to shoot Zala, however she was unsuccessful and Athrun managed to acquire the Aegis and flee. Ramius took Kira with her as she attempted to pursue the Aegis in the Strike. 
 The Strike Battling the GINN
While pursuing Athrun and the Aegis, Kira, Murrue and the Strike were interrupted by a ZAFT Mobile Suit, specifically the ZGMF-1017 GINN, piloted by Miguel Aiman. Murrue attempted to pilot the Strike, but as she had no formal training, the Strike's OS was incomplete, and she was a Natural, her efforts were in vain. After witnessing his friends, and realising they too were in danger, however, Kira seized control of the Strike, reconfigured its Operating System and began to attack Miguel's Ginn. The Ginn, greatly outclassed by the vastly superior Strike Gundam and its Phase-Shift Armor, was forced to retreat. 
Following the combat, Ramius informed Kira that he and his friends were now privy to an Earth Alliance military secret, that the Alliance had commissioned Heliopolis to develop Mobile Suits for them to combat the ZAFT's superior firepower. In exchange for not killing them, Murrue offered the students a place in her unit, where they would be forced to follow her command, lest they be killed. Kira's role being to pilot the Strike, as Murrue had discerned his identity as a Coordinator, and consequently the only one present capable of using the Mobile Suit. Kira initially refused, but after Mu La Flaga, a member of Ramius' team, reminded Yamato that he was the only one capable of protecting not only his friends, but all of the crew of the Archangel battle ship, Kira agreed. 
      Kira Destroying the GINN and Killing Miguel

Aboard the Archangel, and Joining the Earth Forces 

Eventually, Kira is forced to battle his friend Athrun Zala again, this time outside of Orb Territory. Surprised by the ZAFT forces, the Archangel was forced to take the defensive, and a determined Kira knew that perhaps the only way to save his friends aboard the Archangel would be to kill his friend aboard the Aegis. After taking the Duel and the Buster out of the battle, Kira confronted and defeated Athrun's Aegis. Standing above his fallen friend, Kira was then attacked from the side by Nicol Amalthi, who using the Blitz' signature cloaking system, had managed to sneak up on Kira's Strike. However, the Blitz had sustained significant damaged from earlier in the battle, with Kira having severed its arm off. Nevertheless, Nicol attacked, and Kira, in instinctively parried the blow and struck back. However, this action would result in Nicol's death, as the Strike slashed through the Blitz with its sword, obliterating the Mobile Suit completely. 
 Kira Kills Nicol

Skills and Abilities

Despite possessing no formal training, Kira proved himself an exceptionally skilled Mobile Suit pilot, managing to not only defend the crew of the Archangel spacecraft, but also besting many trained Mobile Suit pilots in personal combat, after only using the Gundam for a few minutes. After gaining some experience with the Suit, Kira's prowess only shone further. Despite being armed with only a single Skygrasper for support, Kira was able to battle and defeat, on numerous occasions, the ZAFT Forces, who were using the other four advanced Gundams at the time.  
 The Strike AILE, in Action
Kira's piloting ability extended beyond the obvious as well, as he was capable of using the GAT-X105 Strike to not only battle, but decimate, multiple Bakus led by the military genius, Andrew Waltfeld, while in the desert. This was an incredible effort as Kira was able to modify the Gundam's Operating System while simultaneously battling the enemy. His Strike Gundam was specifically designed for space combat, and was never meant to be used on land, particularly not on a shifting landscape like the desert possesses. Kira's ability to compensate for this issue, as well as being able to optimise the performance of his machine, in mid-combat, showed an incredible intuitiveness that was perhaps unrivalled by any other Coordinator.  
Kira's skills with computer programming, particularly Mobile Suit's Operating Systems, was not a one-off occurrence however, as he was able to spontaneously modify the existing OS of the Strike after being thrust into it only moments after its activation. Despite having no formal training in Mobile Suit technology, or even any experience with military crafty, Kira was able to perfectly adapt the unit's OS for the situation. Once again, Kira accomplished this in the middle of a skirmish, as well as great emotional conflict, as he had just seen his childhood friend infiltrating his homeland.    
Kira's improvisational and adaptive skills were again put on display while the Archangel was on Earth. Despite the Strike not being able to use sustained flight inside an atmosphere, Kira was again able to best the Le Creuset team's Gundams on multiple, while they used special flight platforms. He eventually succeeded in destroying the GAT-X207 Blitz, as piloted by Nicol Amalfi, while simultaneously battling the GAT-X303 Aegis as piloted by his friend, Athrun Zala.  
 Kira in SEED Mode
Being a Coordinator, Kira possesses heightened physical and mental capabilities far beyond that of any human. His reflex are sufficient to react to a moments-earlier invisible Blitz trying to pierce his Strike with a spear, and to modify the arc of his blade when battling Yzak Joule in his GAT-102 Duel, in order to spare the pilot's life. Kira was able to subdue an enraged Sai with one hand, despite the latter having a larger and more developedphysique.  
In addition to his standard Coordinator physiology, Kira is able to enter "SEED Mode". The "SEED Mode", short for S uper E volutionary E lement D estined-Factor,  is an ability that can be attained by both Naturals and Coordinators. While in SEED Mode, the user gains enhanced awareness and peak physical abilities, greatly increasing their fighting ability. While in SEED Mode, Yamato was able to defeat Andrew Waltfeld in his modified Baku with only the basic Strike Unit, Combat Knife and no Phase-Shift Armor, meaning that a single attack could have destroyed the Gundam. 
 SEED Mode Activating


  Kira Yamato was not a gundam pilot at first he has was a college student in a space colony called Helieopolis with his friends. That all chaneged when Helieopolis was attacked by ZAFT forces. In the attack Kira would find two prototype mobile suits the GAT-X105 Strike and the GAT-X303 Aegis they were two out of five mobile suits the others being GAT-X102 Duel, GAT-X207 Blitz, and GAT-X103 Buster. When finding the two mobile suits Kira runs in to his childhood Athrun Zala how is now in the ZAFT forces. Both Kira and Athrun are both shocked to see each other. But thing were getting out of hand both of them got into a GUNDAM. Kira got in the Strike and Athrun got into the Aegis. Soon after both Kira and Athrun became enemies.

After Heliopolis was destroyed Kira found him self on the ship Archangel with his firends and the ship now being under the comand of Murrue Ramius. On the Archangel Kira would meet Mu La Flaga and Natarle Bagiruel as well. Kira would fight to keep the ship safe and all the people on bord it. When the ship tryed let a ship of survivors go down to earth in a fight between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT the ship was destrode by the GAT-X102 Duel it being one of the mobile suits that ZAFT stole in the attack on Helieopolis. Kira tryed to stop it but was not able too. Soon after that Kira would go into SEED Mode when the Archangel became under attack by all three of the stolen mobile suits. SEED Mode made Kira be able to stop all three mobile suit and scaring the pilot of the GAT-X 102 Duel Yzak Joule. 


In Other Media

 Kira, along with his various Mobile Suits (the Strike, the Freedom and the ZGMF-X10A Strike Freedom) has appeared in multiple other forms of media, most notably the many Gundam Seed Manga spin-offs, including Gundam Seed Astray,  and the many video games based on the franchise. Kira Yamato and his Gundams have also appeared in spin-off games, such as the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam  and Super Robot Warriors  franchises. 
 The Strike in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

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