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Kingu is a dragon commander of the dragoness Tiamat's forces against the storm God Marduk. Kingu is the counterpart of the sky god Anu and is on the side of evil and darkness. He was the son as well consort of Tiamat and was given the title of general of her army. In the ancient stories of Enuma Elish he is a candidate for ruler of the gods and only appears in the Enuma Elish itself. He had Tablets of Destiny on his chest and wanted to rule the universe himself. He fled when Marduk came after despite being head of Tiamat’s army, but he got killed and had his blood used to create humans by the god Enki.

Kingu was part of the Gods of Mesopotamia who in ancient mythology are a race of super-humanly powerful humanoid beings who were once worshiped by several of the races and cultures from circa 19,000 BC.

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