Wonder what he looks like now for new 52.

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Any ideas?

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Doesn't exist.

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Kingdom Come was in an alternate universe, so his look shouldn't have been affected.

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I'd like to see him.

#5 Posted by cloudzackvincent (1189 posts) - - Show Bio

guess he doesn't exist...and even if he does his look must be changed , doesn't matter if its an alternate universe... look at earth 2... i think the whole megaverse/multiverse has been affected by the reboot

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He does exist...just in an alternate universe

Earth-Two was pre-crisis, so that was going to get rebooted and cleaned up. Earth-22 was post-crisis, he still exists.

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His blue suit, red boots, and insignia haven't changed, but now instead of the red underwear, he wears a red sash, similar to Captain Marvel. How he wears his cape has also changed: Rather than going directly back over his shoulders, it now goes around his shoulders, similar to Batman's cape, so it flows around him, not just behind him. Also has a beard.

Least that's how I think he'd look now.


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