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Kimura Tatsuya is a boxing character created by Joji “George” Morikawa for his Manga series, Hajime no Ippo. The series started in 1990 and is still ongoing. He serves as one of the main characters and has been best friends with Aoki Masaru since they were both in kindergarten. 



 Kimura vs. Mashiba Ryo
 Kimura vs. Mashiba Ryo

Kimura and Aoki Masaru were best friends since kindergarten and became delinquents in high school. They loved to brawl and mostly fought students from North High, a rival school. The duo eventually got kicked out of school. They eventually met Takamura Mamoru for the first time and got into a fight with him. He defeated the duo.   Kimura and Aoki decided to join the Kamogawa Boxing Gym to better their chances of beating Takamura, but they were unsuccessful. Takamura eventually became their senpai and they both became professional boxers. 
Kimura became fairly successful at boxing.  He was good enough to reach the 3 position in the JBC Junior Lightweight Division. He retired for a short while after he was defeated by Ryo Mashiba, but he was unable to stay away from boxing so he eventually returned. Kimura’s current occupation is working at a flower shop owned by his family. 



Kimura has a smooth and collected personality. He tends to be more polite than his best friend, Aoki and can often avoid Takamura’s pranks. He is also shown to be a nice person. He is more willing than other members of the gym to help Ippo with his training. He is even shown to go to other gyms to help their fighters train for upcoming matches. Despite his good looks and smooth personality, Kimura’s love life is pathetic and he lacks a girlfriend. This has become a recurring joke in the series.

Fighting Style


Kimura is an out boxer. He is a smart boxer and has a good sense of boxing. He calmly and carefully studies an opponent. His style incorporates a fast left and faster footwork. He is said to have no real weaknesses, but no real strengths either. Despite this, Kimura is shown to be skilled enough to make a living as a boxer. He is also able to come up with his own unique training methods, such as shadow boxing to music. 


  • Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan.
  • Weight Class: Junior Lightweight.
  • Boxing Style: Out Fighter.
  • Boxing Rank: 7th in the JBC Jr. Lightweight Division.


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