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As new recruits join The Initiative, tensions grow between the members. And with Taskmaster as a new instructor, there's bound to be trouble!

MVP clone Tactigon = This can't be good! The Tactigon reminds the clone of how he was killed, and he isn't happy, and decides to rampage through the camp to make up for it!

You know who he is! You know what he wants! And now you'll see who he'll kill! The K.I.A. is rampaging through Camp Hammond, working his way down his list. But, some recruits and instructors have a plan brewing, and it should work! Emphasis on the should! The emphasis being the AWOL New Warriors.

The KIA is taken his rampage on a country tour! Well, when I say country, I mean from Camp Hammond, Stamford, Connecticut to Tennessee! And as he kills anyone who gets in his way, you'll be surprised at how he's stopped.

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