my kick ass movie review

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i give kick ass five out of five it is insanely awesome just like the comic created by mark miller and john Romita jr story about a teen who wants to be a superhero now sometimes all of us wants to be a superhero compared to the comic book fairly well wrote and and art by john romita jr which is my favorite artist  actors all put together for this film most of the movie just like the comic book but a few more different surprises coming your way for this film very good film cant wait for the next comic kick ass 2 and 3 then the movies that's all i have to say for my opion thank you for reading my blog and take care comic lovers

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I completely agree with you man. I was blown away watching Kick-Ass. It has all of the style and attitude of the comics, just slightly tweaked...and the soundtrack was phenomenal. The music may have made the movie so great for myself. The soundtrack was very reminiscent of the way Tarantino implements strange and odd musical choices that complement the scene perfectly. The only complaint I had with the film is that it takes the easy way out, and ends things a little too happily for the character of Kick-Ass. Other than that minor preference/nitpick, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the film and feel it's easily one of the most watchable and entertaining films released this year.

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Funny and lots of references to supes, bats and spidey.

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