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Kiber had no powers as an ordinary man other than his incredible intellect. A genius perhaps on par with the likes of Bruce Banner, or Henry Pym, Kiber created many things including a matter transporter, android guards, an advanced type of hologram called an "air image", devices to contain the human life force and intelligence as well as convert them to the energy he needed to survive.

After the teleportation accident mutated him,  Kiber became an energy vampire requiring a human psionic consciousness to survive. He proved able to slowly and covertly drain the life energies of those who made telepathic contact with him. By siphoning these energies into himself Kiber would increase his mass and strength. He could lift 1 ton in his mutated form at maximum mass, but his immobility from being bonded to the floor made this of little significance.

To provide himself with energy and meet other needs he created solidified air images of himself, a type of advanced hologram he could conciously control as a proxy body. These bodies appeared as Kiber did before his mutation, and had the following abilities. They could become solid or intangible, and had the ability to punch with the strength of an olympic caliber boxer. They could simulate teleportation. These bodies could shock his victims into unconsciousness with a touch. They could become invisible or fire eye beams of concussive force. These bodies could however be short circuted by attacking using conductive materials.

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