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In the latter half of the 30th Century, the Warlords of the planet Khundia sent their first challenge to Earth, threatening to destroy it and conquer the United Planets (UP). The ruling warlord, Garak, had decided that the Legion of Super-Heroes represented the greatest barrier to the conquest of the UP and he sent Nemesis Kid to secretly infiltrate their ranks. He was captured and the planned invasion repelled, but the Khunds remained a deadly threat.

Khundia itself is perpetually eclipsed by its own moon, making it a dark and dreary world. Choking on its own overly dense population, the world has become totally overrun by a mentality of total militarism and violence. Even a person jostled in the streets will settle the ensuing argument in the so called court of combat, a form of trial by combat, which is often fatal.

The Khunds have been involved in a subsequent invasion of Earth as the dupes of Mordu and the Dark Circle. The UP and the Khunds went through a nominal period of peace, but that always remained fragile as border incidents and terrorist acts by Khundish groups continued to occur. Among the notable Khunds who have battled the Legionnaires and menaced Earth are; Field Marshall Lorca, one of the most brilliant Khund strategists and Kharlak, a champion of the challenge courts. Humiliated by his inability to defeat the members of the LSH, Kharlak underwent exotic surgery and became a cyborg with technological powers in an attempt to gain revenge.

Other Media

Justice League Unlimited

Khunds in Justice League Unlimited.
Khunds in Justice League Unlimited.

The Khunds are seen in the "Shadow of the Hawk" episode of the Justice League Unlimited series. They were battling Justice League members Elongated Man and Hawkgirl. Unbeknownst to the latter, her admirer Carter Hall watched her take down the alien invaders.

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