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By the 23rd century world peace on Earth had been achieved. Hunger, poverty and violence had been eliminated. But world society had become extremely materialistic as businessmen ruthlessly competed for wealth and power. Students were educated in business courses alone. Kenn Bentley was a misfit. He sought education in art, music and literature. He loved natureand volunteered to spend time with the sick and elderly. He earned no money and his older siblings were ashamed of him. The only person who shared his interest was Valeria Reynolds, his lover. 
One day an alien spacecraft arrived on Earth. It scanned the planet and located Kenn and Valeria. They were both willing to sacrifice themselves so than nobody else would be harmed. The aliens abducted them both. Their fellow humans were happy that only two failures were missing. Actually the aliens were members of Galaxy-wide confederation of planets. Their leaders were neither elected nor herditary. They were chosen to be lifelong perfect rulers, unselfish, unspoiled and loving his fellow creatures. Kenn was chosen as their next ruler, Valeria as their Queen.

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