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Kelly Hara without mask
Kelly Hara without mask

To prevent a scandal in the tabloids, senator Adrienne Hara hires assassin Varla to kill her husband Hisao after he took their nephew to Mexico to molest the boy. Varla sliced Hisao in two halves. Somehow, Adrienne's daughter Kelly got hold of the information and used it to come into contact with Varla. Kelly wanted to become an assassin herself. Her first job: dismember her father into pieces and let the pieces dissolve in acid. She told everything to her best friend Skyler Oshiro.

At a funeral for their nephew (also killed by Varla), Kelly and Skyler met Wayne Brooks and Phil Goole who took them to the mansion of their boss Mason Buwick. There Kelly and Skyler met Mason's daughter Chelsea Buwick. The three became the Ninjettes.


Kelly Hara was created by Garth Ennis.

Major Story Arcs

In their mission to kill Jennifer Blood, the Ninjettes are easily surprised by Jennifer. Skyler and Chelsea are shot in the head. Kelly tells Jennifer they were hired by Marcus Goldhagen. Having received the information she needed, Jennifer beheads Kelly with her own sword.

Powers and Abilities

Kelly is an ordinary teenage girl with no powers. She prefers a katana (Japanese sword) as her personal weapon.

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