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Proper Japanese Title: Kakusei Kuru! (覚醒来る!)

Chapter Titles

  • Target 321: Kyoya Hibari vs Adelheid Suzuki (雲雀恭弥VS.鈴木アーデルハイト Hibari Kyōya Bāsasu Suzuki Āderuhaito)
  • Target 322: Hibari vs 500 (雲雀VS.500体 Hibari Bāsasu Go-hyaku-tai)
  • Target 323: Small Animal (小動物 Shōdōbutsu)
  • Target 324: Betrayal (裏切り Uragiri)
  • Target 325: Rebellion (反抗 Hankō)
  • Target 326: Truth (真実 Shinjitsu)
  • Target 327: Supplication (切願 Setsugan)
  • Target 328: The Enemy Who Must Be Defeated (倒すべき敵 Taosubeki Teki)
  • Target 329: Awakening Complete (覚醒完了 Kakusei Kanryō)
  • Target 330: Reunion (再会 Saikai)

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