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Karna is one of the twenty-three worlds of the Vega system.  A lush and verdant world, Karna possesses all of the elements of nature required to support a rich variety of life including, a humid, oxygen-rich atmosphere, a seasonless, sun-drenched tropical climate, and a surplus of protein-rich fertile soil.  In addition to a broad spectrum of diverse sea and wildlife, Karna is populated by a race of feline humanoids, Karnans.

As Karna was one of the territories within the Citadel Empire, it became a provincial outpost for the Citadel's slavers, the Gordanians.  The Gordanians established themselves on one of Karna's continents and plied their trade throughout various territories.  Years ago, they captured the young Karnan known as Felicity and enslaved her mother.  After years of service, Felicity's mother died while working in the fields.

Male Karnans were often part of a vast military apparatus led by a supreme commander.  During the Great Wars, the revolutionary known as Taghurrhu assumed the title of supreme military commander (though he did not actually hold such a rank) and used his charisma and influence to take command of an entire squadron of fighters.  Taghurrhu, who later become more popularly known as Tigorr, led his loyal fighters in several skirmishes against the Gordanians and their Citadel overlords.

A few weeks after the conclusion of the Citadel War, Tigorr and his teammate Primus came to Karna for some rest and relaxation.  The bounty hunter Bedlam tracked them down and tried unsuccessfully to kill them.

During this time, Tigorr encountered the legitimate commander of the Karnan armies, who admonished him for his fraudulent claims to the title.  Primus smoothed things over by regaling the commanders with legitimate tales of Tigorr's heroism during the Citadel War.

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