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Kara's story starts out on a plane, making out with her boyfriend, the teen singing sensation, Osiris, God of the Dead (not actually the God of Death, just his stage name) but suddenly the plane goes out of whack and begins to plummet, thankfully no one is harmed as the plane does not crash. From that point on, Kara is revealed to also be a singer, but she's just the opener for Osiris on their tour and often booed off the stage because nobody really wants to hear her. A quirk about her traveling is that her mother, a sorceress of sorts travels with them, serving Osiris with her mediocre magics.

Anyways, while at one concert, Kara is knocked off the stage into the ground where a young man encourages his friend to rape Kara, she freaks and her magic begins to show itself as her stuffed cat shows its own mystic ability and devours the young man with a slew of cats.

Eventually this leads to a journey of Kara discovering her "Witching" as she is followed around by the ghost of the boy who was told to rape her (but never actually wanted to). Kara leaves her mother and boyfriend when she finds them having sex together, although her mother says its just part of a spell (which is true, although Osiris probably doesn't see it that way). Kara starts to become her own woman, though she finds her past brought to her whenever people recognize her for her bosoms that seem to be so renown.

Finally, Kara ends up alongside her mother, Helen, at the former house of Henry Grimston where they join Sook and Elsa. All of them, minus Helen, end up in New Mexico where there purpose is to be fulfilled. Kara and Sook are initially taken prisoner, by Osiris nonetheless, but they both escape and help Elsa defeat the General, and Kara parts with her cat, begging the question as to whether she retains any of her abilities.

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