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Born in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain. Jacobs began his wrestling career in 1992 working in independent circuits. He is one of the strongest and scariest of the WWE. It was told that his half-brother Undertaker had thrown him on fire when he was a boy.October 1997 saw the WWF debut of Glen Jacobs as Kane ("The Big Red Machine"), who is the younger half brother of the Undertaker. At Bad Blood Pay Per View on 10/5/97, Kane showed up to interfere in a European title match (Hell in a Cell) between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Kane cost Taker the match and the title, setting off a feud between the brothers for the next year. Undertaker at one time vowed he would never fight his own family member, but Kane betrayed his brother after they teamed up, and locked Undertaker in a burning casket. Taker made a huge return to defeat Kane at Wrestlemania XIV. The two have continued to feud and team up over the course of their careers.

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