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Helpful Kane

When Princess Diana was desperate for a way to return home, Kane Milohai offered her the way to go back to Paradise Island: A magical giant seashell.

The Seashell was reduced to a miniature size but would grow when Diana touched it.

In return for his kindness, Diana vows him servitude for the rest of her days.  As a token of this promise, Wonder Woman carried from this day a red band around her right arm.


When Zeus came to order Kane to release Diana of her obligations to him, Kane refused, telling Zeus Diana offered her services of free will and he did not  force her to do so.

In anger, and wanting to release Diana, Zeus fights Kane and eventually ends up ripping his heart out; heart he will give his new warrior: Achilles.


Kane Milohai's Powers draw from the water of his island: it has been established that he can create worlds and stars. Although he is a god, his immortality is only in a "long term" sense: when Kane is hurt, he may die, his immortality does not make him unstoppable.

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