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Namor's long lost son

Years ago, Namor had an affair with a mistress of the Atlantean Court. She gave birth to their son, Kamar. Namor loved her and their son. His happiness soon ended when his love was murdered by someone that was never found. Namor sent Kamar away to protect him.

Kamar has been raised by Zoran, who filled Kamar's head with lies. He told him that Namor was ashamed of him and the fact that his mother did not have royal blood in her. He told Kamar that Namor had her killed because he did not want Kamar to grow up and become heir to the throne of Atlantis.

His father, Namor
His father, Namor
As revenge against his father, Kamar formed the 13th Atlantean Sleeper Cell to attack the surface world that Namor has grown to love. With two fellow members he made plans to take his father Namor down. After blowing up a city in Kansas all blame pointed towards the Atlanteans. Namor went to investigate and found out that Kamar was behind it. This angered Namor greatly and he defeated him and took him with him to Atlantis. Once in Atlantis, Namor made the arrangements to evacuate his people from the city and blew the city up with Kamar tied with his chains to his throne. Kamar perished and was assumed to be Namor when SHIELD came to investigate. They would quickly find out that this was in fact his son.


He has the same powers as any Atlantean but being a hybrid thanks to his father who has both human and atlantean DNA he's greater enhanced like his father. He can live in the extreme conditions under water or on the surface. His strength, stamina, agility is superhuman.

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