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Kakyo was born with the ability of a yumemi. In consequence he had a very weak health. His mother closed him in a little room and used his powers to help the mafia. Kakyo felt alone because he saw nobody. One day a young woman entered into his dream. She introduced herself as Hokuto Sumeragi. Hokuto was a smiling girl. She guessed that is Kakyo’s dream and so he is a yumemi. She revealed, contrary to her brother, she had only the capacity to introduce into dreams. Seeing that Kakyo is always in his room, Hokuto proposes him to get out. She brought him in her dream near the sea.

Kakyo saw regularly Hokuto in his dreams; but he saw also the future. He knew she would be killed by the sakurazukamori under a cherry tree. Even if he knew that the destiny is foreordained, Kakyo decided to try to help Hokuto. He escaped; but his health worsened. He faint near the scene where Hokuto was killed.

Kotori Mono


Kakyo cannot do anything now. He is hospitalized and maintained alive by machines. He cannot speak or walk anymore. He can only dream.

Kakyo looks others’ dream and find Kotori Mono falling under the Sea of Tears. She sinks more and more; but she is saved by Kakyo. He explains they are both yumemi. Kotori tries to come near him. He brings them near the sea. They introduce themselves. He tells her that his heart is dead because the person he wants to see is dead. Kotori’s enters in harmony with Kakyo’s one. A Kamui Shiro with an angel wing and a devil wing appears. Kakyo stops this and Kamui disappears. He reveals that the twin star of Kamui will wake up soon and that a kekkai in Nakano will be destroyed very soon. And his prediction comes true.

Kakyo has another vision. There are two sacred swords: one for Kamui and one for Kamui’s twin star. He sees also the death of Kotori. Knowing that she doesn’t want the death of Kamui, Kakyo controls Kotori’s corpse and stops Fuma Mono Mono trying to kill Kamui.

Kotori does an ultimate dream with Kakyo. She explains she didn’t want her brother to kill Kamui because if he did that, Fuma couldn’t return to his normal behaviour. She apologizes to have used Kakyo. He doesn’t care because he knows he will become a Dragons of Earth. He regrets to not save her. She accepted to self-sacrifice in order to protect Kamui and the Earth. Kotori must leave. Angel wings grow on her back. Kakyo is sad because he will never see Kotori anymore. She has a message for Kamui and Fuma: she loves them and the future is not foreordained.

The Seven Angels


In the reality, Fuma breaks in a chamber of the Four Season Hotel. It is the chamber of Kakyo who brings Fuma in a dream. He shows him the message that Kotori let. Fuma doesn’t care. For him, there is only one future and it is foreordained. Upset, the other Kamui destroys the dream, catches Kakyo and leaves the place.

Fuma asks Kakyo what is his wish. He responds he wants to die. Fuma tells him he will realize his wish when the “Jour de la Promesse” begin. Fuma brings Kakyo to the City Hall. Fuma introduces himself and Kakyo to others.

The Seven Seals


Kakyo enters in contact with Hinoto several times. He tells her he knows she sees what happened before it was realized. Moreover he reveals he knows she lies to others in order to realize her wish. He reveals he knows that Hinoto brought together the Dragons of Heaven in order to modify the future for her own interest. He shows him the last vision of Kotori.

When Hinoto tries to convince Kamui that dragons of Heaven are there to save the Earth, Kakyo decides to intervene. He shows Kamui the two possible futures: the rebirth of the Earth in case of the victory of the Dragons of Earth or the death of the Earth due to global warming in case of the victory of the Dragons of Heaven.

Kakyo still dream about the future in order to help Fuma. He sees everything; even the fight between Subaru Sumeragi and Seichiro Sakurazuka and the incapacity of Kamui to protect him. He thinks Kamui must change if he wants to bring back Fuma. Moreover, he thinks the future is foreordained except if the human beings don’t have wishes.

Kakyo remembers Hinoto how Daisuke Saiki is dead. Fuma attacked Daisuke. Hinoto tried to protect him. Fuma decided to eliminate both. Daisuke sacrificed himself in order to protect his mistress. Kakyo tells her once again, she could not change the future.

Kamui has a conversation with Kakyo in a dream. Kamui tells him he wants to be stronger than Fuma in order to bring him back. He is ready to hurt him if it is necessary because he doesn’t want Fuma to continue to kill. Kakyo reveals that Fuma is the dark side of Kamui and everyone has dark and bright sides. He says also that Kamui must be careful because one of his allies hides her dark side. Kamui asks why he tries to help him. Kakyo answers he hopes that Kotori’s last message is true. Fuma joins Kakyo in his dream. He tells him that the future must not change if Kakyo wants his wish realized.

Hokuto and Hinoto


Kakyo dreams about an old memory about Hokuto Sumeragi. Kakyo remembers the first time he met Hokuto.

The dark Hinoto visits Kakyo in his dream to reveals he was right about her and also Hinoto was wrong. She will not be killed by Kamui and the Seven Seals will die. The entire scene is seen by Fuma. Whereas Fuma catches Kakyo to bring him where Hokuto died, Hinoto is happy to see her plan realized. The dark Hinoto is amused by the situation whereas the real Hinoto asks Kakyo to stop the other Hinoto. Kakyo responds it is impossible because the destiny is foreordained.

Kakyo remembers the day when Hokuto was killed. Hokuto reveals she wants to be killed instead of her brother. Seichiro doesn’t understand. Hokuto explains she knows they loves each other and she wants they live together forever because everybody has the right to love and to be loved. Fuma arrives and tells Kakyo that the destiny is foreordained. It was her destiny to die as it is the destiny that a dragon of Heaven will replace a dragon of Earth.

Fuma Mono


Nokoru Imonoyama explains to the seals that it is impossible to know the next target; because if they go to a kekkai, Fuma will learn by the intermediary of his yumemi and will attack another one. Sorata Arisugawa decides to separate in three groups of two: Arashi Kishu / Yuzuriha Nekoi, Sorata / Kamui, Karen Kasumi / Seiichiro Aoki. Kakyo learns that through his dream and tells Fuma that the dragons of Heaven will go at Inokashira and Ginza.

Kamui is wondering about himself. Indeed every seal knows how to create a kekkai because they have something to protect. But him, even if he wants to protect Fuma, he cannot create a kekkai. This scene is seen by Fuma with the help of Kakyo. Fuma knows the solution. If Kamui cannot create kekkai is because his dearest wish isn’t to protect Fuma. He consoles also Kakyo telling him he will die soon; but before that they must welcomed a new angel.

Hinoto’s request


Whereas the dark Hinoto sends a shiki in order to confirm the death of Karen and Seiichiro, the true Hinoto discusses with Kakyo. He doesn’t understand why the dark Hinoto doesn’t find the goho. Hinoto responds that the two Hinoto are linked. As the true Hinoto is hurt in her heart, the dark Hinoto is also hurt in her heart. That is why she doesn’t find the goho. Kakyo advises her to be careful if she wants to not die. She answers she wants first that the seals know the truth about the dark Hinoto. Kakyo reminds her that will be difficult because the future is realizing. The only way is that Kamui finds the most cherished wish of Fuma if he wants to change the future. Kakyo is desperate to see that his visions come true.

Powers and Abilities



Kakyo can see the future, see people’s dreams, bring people into a dream, show them a vision and see everyone everywhere.


Kakyo can control corpses.

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