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Written by Bruce Jones with art by Bob Hall and Armando Gil. The "young Ka-Zar" back up story features art by Val Mayerik. On the heels of a brutal confrontation with Kraven the Hunter climaxing in Ka-Zar's death, Spider-Man is left to tend to a wounded Shanna the She-Devil. Meanwhile, Ka-Zar's body and Zabu are spirited away by agents of the Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.), who revive Ka-Zar in order to retrieve an experimental explosive in Casablanca. An implant in Kevin Plunder's skull and his ignorance of Shanna's fate allows Ramona Starr to coerce him into carrying out A.I.M.'s will, as well as to satisfy her sexually. The story is continued in the next issue, as Ka-Zar and Ramona come under fire from the explosive's possessor.

In the back-up story, Maa-Gor apparently kills Zabu and takes young Ka-Zar back to his village to raise as his own son. This story is also continued.

Wrap-around cover. The front cover is featured in an add for this issue throughout Marvel titles that month.







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