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Well, I was just thinking earlier today about the JSA and how they aren't in the new DCnU...yet. Anyways, since the JSA has always been a legacy team I think A book like JSA in the ninties would be awesome. I'm not sure how it would work, but having a team of: 
Wally West ( since he's not anywhere on new earth or whatever they could say he was brought to a different earth) 
Kyle Rayner 
Jesse Quick 
Starman(Jack Knight) 
Atom Smasher  
Jakeem Thunder 
and a few others.  I just really think a legacy team like this would be really cool. 
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JSA is going to be in earth 2 now....yeah I know. It really sucks. What's good though is that James Robinson might be writing it.

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Long live to the JSA.

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@jsaven: I agree. I'm reading JSA now. I miss all these grandfatherly figures in the New 52. I'm still meh about the New 52 anyways though.

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