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You guys have probably seen the JSA 10 cover showing Kingdom Come supes on the team, but is there any idea yet of when he comes from? Is he from right after the events of KC, or is he from after The Kingdom. I know it's kind of early but I was wondering if anyone knew.

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Buckshot, at the end of the Kingdom Come didn't Superman get rid of the black inlay around the S insignia and Batman commented on it (or was that Wonder Woman).

I though that this costune was specific to the Kingdom Come period of time.

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A similar Superman was in Superman/Batman and there was no suggestion that he was from the Kingdom timeline, just a possible future.

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JSA issue 9 begins the tale.

I suggest you pick it up as it should be a big deal. I made the decision to create a new page for this character: I know it may be the same character. DC has said it's not a hoax or imaginary story. It could be the regular Supes from the future but I just felt we need to be able to distinguish between him and the regular Superman. He is set to join the JSA in issue 10. Some crazy stuff. But pick up issue 9 before it sells out.

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I thought there'd be more excitement over this. I think it's going to make things interesting.

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Eh, i thought it was Cool i wasnt expecting it.

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