A STARMAN Movie in the Works at DC Entertainment?

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 Talkin' 'bout this guy.
 Talkin' 'bout this guy.

Pajiba’s got an exclusive that Warner Bros is developing a STARMAN feature film with the producers of JONAH HEX, TERMINATOR SALVATION and the new SHERLOCK HOLMES movie. Nobody’s attached to write or direct or (obviously) even star, yet. The WB hasn’t specified which Starman it’s going to be about, either. Will it be the Ted “Golden Age” Knight? The various space lords from the 70s and 80s? The current ex-Legionaire on the JSA? Actually, I think it’s obvious that it’s going to be about Jack Knight and it'll crib its playbook from James Robinson’s run from the 90s. That’s the STARMAN most people care about. Hell, it’d also be the easiest to adapt, given the plainclothes, city-block nature of the story.

Robinson’s Starman is underrated. It was really the first series that took a serious approach to updating DC’s golden age characters to make them cooler and fresh with the times. I’ve always said that series read like Alt Rock on paper. Without that series, I don’t think you’d have this revival of the Justice Society we’ve been enjoying for the past couple years.

Anyway, even though we’re absurdly early in the proposed production of a STARMAN movie, I don’t think it’s too early to start a fantasy casting call and crew draft. Who should play Jack Knight, his ghostly brother, the Mist, the Shade and so on? Who would you want to write this? Who would you want to direct it? Let’s say the Cosmic Rod is in your hands. You have the power, now… use it!

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awesome news!, im stoked for this :D

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Will Payton is the best Starman in my humble opinion. Roger Stern created a wonderful character that should have gotten that shaft the way he did by Robinson. So needless to say I'm hoping it is Will Payton Starman movie.
Cosmic rod never sounded right to me...hehe

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WOW this is cool.

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Hope it's Jack but what we need to see is a Wonder Woman and Flash movie to. He would look great in live action in Smallville Sylvester Pemberton bore a strong resemblance to Jack Knight.  

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Hell yeah!
Maybe Mikaal could make a minor appearance

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Hey Tom! What do think about Justin Theroux as Jack Knight?

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Unfortunately /Film says they got updated info that this isn't happening: 

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wha ha ho a Starman movie?  This is gonna be a fun afternoon!
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir:  Who?
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I selfishly wish Bruce Timm and Co. would make a slick animated series of this.  Those James Robinson comics were so rich with character and great stories.  

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Can't wait to know more about this.

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His would be an awesome movie, and in my opinion the best version to use for a movie.
You have his character
You have the relationship between him and his father, the supporting characters
  I hope they use this movie.
They are half way there.
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If only it were about Thom...
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Sweet jesus, please let it be Jack
He's just the best
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#16 Posted by Son_of_Magnus (15463 posts) - - Show Bio
@Theodore said:
If only it were about Thom... "
We can't be that lucky =/
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This is just random. Do a JSA movie or anything thats current. Dont waste money on starman.

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Starman is great and all, but screw this. 
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Doing lesser known characters might be easier for DC for various reasons but Starman won't compete with what Marvel has in the pipeline. 

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@DarkSyde79:  DC is putting up mierda movies while marvel has all of theyre top films out already. Marvel is allowed to do more of the unknown characters now. DC isnt allowed. Its bad for theyre company.
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It better be jack knight and also should be on "sins of the father" (first story arc)
also this series got me into comics

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  if this was made ten years ago John Cusack would have been great for this

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#23 Posted by TheAntiVillain (76 posts) - - Show Bio
i agree with you on having an animated starman series with jack
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Starman will be badass

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