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While being interviewed by a reporter, Captain Marvel accidentally endorses Lex Luthor's campaign for presidency in a round about way. The Justice League berates Batson for not considering the impact his statements would have and how they would reflect on the Justice League as a whole. Superman's distrust of Luthor persists and while the latter unveils a self-sustained low-income housing structure Superman spots what he think's to be a bomb. Captain Marvel and Superman come to blows, with Captain Marvel insisting Superman trust Luthor. After demolishing the majority of the structure while fighting Captain Marvel, Superman destroys what he believes to be a bomb. The "bomb" turns out to be the generator that supplied the structure with energy, casting Superman's actions in a bad light. However, it is revealed Lex Luthor, along with Amanda Waller, planned to pit Captain Marvel and Superman against one another and the destruction of the structure to discredit the Justice League.

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