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Supergirl, Atom-Smasher and some of the team's younger members have monitor duty over the winter holiday, but their night might not be so silent when Girder breaks out of Iron Heights Penitentiary!


It’s Christmas Eve, and only the youngest Justice Leaguers work on the holidays. Atom Smasher however isn’t into the spirit of the season, his uncle passed away during the holidays and he was always used to spending Hanukkah with him. Hawkgirl is also at the watchtower by volunteer, wearing her Thanagarian uniform. She states she does this in honor of her family, not in loyalty to Thanagar. During their Christmas party a distress call comes in from Iron Heights Penitentiary, Girder went berserk and escaped. The young Justice League confronts him, but is unable to capture him. Atom Smasher follows him into a residential neighborhood and is able to defeat him by throwing him into a cement truck. Atom Smasher then realizes Girder only meant to see his family, and sets up a visit for him and his son, since everyone deserves to be with family on the holidays.

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