What if!?......DARK Justice League

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Who would be in a team??(like Marvels Dark Avengers only at DC)!

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It wouldn't work very well storywise, But the Secret Six would probably be closest to that.

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if we're going by the dark avengers model of having dark versions of the characters then heres my team 
General Zod taking superman's place 
Zoom for flash 
Sinestro in place of Green Lantern 
Deathstroke for batman 
Dead shot for green arrow 
Cheetah for wonder woman 

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@joshmightbe:  the first three would work i think there can be better choices then the rest
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@Anti-Venom's follower: I know those were just off the top of my head
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 Justice Lords ?

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@joshmightbe:    I say let Azrael take the place of batman
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@Anti-Venom's follower:
nah, i like DS as a thinker
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For the big 7... 
Easy, first choice is Superboy Prime. Second is Hank Henshaw. Third is Zod. Fourth isPreus. 
Okay, so I'm gonna say Jason Todd is my first choice. Second choice is a toss-up between Prometheus, Hush, Deathstroke, and actually, wait for it... Lex Luthor. Yeah, I said it. Stop and think about it. It could work.
Wonder Woman
Circe... Hands down. She can exhibit all of WW's powers through her goddesshood and forge the rest through magic illusion. Also, Cheetah in human form could work with some disguising.
Green Lantern 
This one is tricky... Sinestro is simply a wasted opportunity. I'm gonna guess a Parallax-possessed GL fits best.
Zoom for certain. Rival would work too as a possible substitute.
Martian Manhunter 
A White Martian. Do it or go home.
Now this one is hardest for me. I want Black Manta to work, but I just can't make it happen in my head.
Now for the rest.... 
Green Arrow 
Merlin, Deadshot, or Deathstroke. 
This one is kinda tricky... Circe might work well here too.

Another easy one... Deathstorm takes control, but somehow keeps the exterior visage of the "good" Firestorm.
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Uuuuuhhhh.................Isn't the Crime Syndicate essentially the Dark League

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@joshmightbe:  You nailed it. that is exactly who I would've chosen.@PrimeDirective: Yours are pretty damn good too though. I do like Jason Todd as Batman better but I don't see it happening since he wants to be a good guy that uses other means than Batman's. I.E. Killing. 
@cattlebattle:  Yea technically. But they don't have everyone in their little syndicate. Like there is no Hawkman or Hawkgirl. No Aquaman etc. So in a way I see where he is coming from asking this. But at the same time its kinda redundant.
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Hank Henshaw (no ring) as Superman

Prometheus as Batman

Circe as Wonder Woman

Ma'alefa'aka as Martian Manhunter

Arthur Joseph Curry as Aquaman

Major Force as Captain Atom

Lobo just because

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Calling it Dark Justice League would cause mix ups with Justice League Dark though. But I see the question was posted before JLD started, so it would have been alright at the time.

Speaking of which, does anyone find the name Justice League Dark a bit weird? They're not a branch of The Justice League, they were only called it as a joke, and I think I've only seen the name used once in the series.

Maybe it's just called that for marketing purposes.

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I think it could work and would be awesome. I don't think you could call if Dark Justice League, but it could be done.

Here's my roster. I'll just add someone for every JL member I can think of. For people who aren't listed (like Hawkman), assume either I forgot them or couldn't think of anyone.

  • General Zod (instead of Superman)
  • Hush (instead of Batman)
  • Circe (instead of Wonder Woman)
  • Sinestro (instead of Green Lantern)
  • Professor Zoom (instead of Flash)
  • Ocean Master (instead of Aquaman)?
  • Melekith (instead of Martian Manhunter. Is that how it's spelled?)
  • Deadshot (instead of Green Arrow)
  • Major Force (instead of Captain Atom)
  • Wotan (instead of Dr. Fate)
  • Black Beetle (instead of Blue Beetle)
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@TheCannon: I was going to use Ocean Master, but then I figured he wouldn't work for a government agency. Same with Zod.

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Ok this should have happened before luthor went all Supervillian but after his time as the president luthor takes over checkmate and starts to assemble is own jla. Wonder Woman- Devastation she's pretty much a clone of Wonder Woman get Ares to age Her there you go new Wonder Woman. Captain Marvel- Black Adam kinda a no brainier to me he kinda fits the same place a Ares did in the Dark avengers. Captin Atom- ok we know cap is kinda crazy and he is military add to that he once absorbed major force. Batman-Jason Todd who better to take the place of the bat than robin Jason gets two things from this one he gets to piss off Bruce and two he gets to use the league to control the criminals of the world. The Man of Steel- Lex Luthor lex wouldn,t trust any one else to be the leader of this team and he has in the past used sciences to give himself enough power to match Superman be it special armour or a pill similar to what he did with the every man project lex would be our man of steel. Martian man hunter - Parasite have lex capture Jon and parasite feed off him to gain his memory's

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superman= hank henshaw cyborg superman

flash= reverse flash (thwane)

batman=jason todd

wonderwoman= cheetah a bit like venom in dark avengers given a fomula to make her look like a human

green lantern= sinestro

aquaman=ocean master

green arrow=deadshot

shazam=black adam

all are given new costume to look like a spin on the orignial charters costumes

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