What if the JLA had a schism?

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This would be Pre-52 characters

It would probably happen in an alternate universe where their morals are twisted form of the mainstream heroes.

Batman takes some inexperienced members of the Justice League to rescue one of the main 7 that has been captured(Aquaman) because all of the other leaguers are busy

Some of them are killed on this mission

Superman and Batman have a falling out over how the Justice League should be run

They each have mix of Wolverine's and Cyclops' views of the situation

They split the JLA in half

One side goes after villains without killing them and they train new recruits at a gov.-sponsored school(Led by Superman)

The other side goes after villains willing to kill while training new recruits on the job. They are willing to sacrifice their own members to save many other lives(Led by Batman)

Do you agree with the side that I placed Batman/Superman as the leader of?

Which side would the other five members join?

What other JLA members would join Batman's side?

What other JLA members would join Superman's side?

I think that WW and Aquaman would be on Batman's side and MM, GL, and Flash would be on Superman's side

I don't feel like posting my opinions for the sides of the 20-30 other members. That is your job.

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Wasn't that the point of Batman creating the Outsiders?

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@amalgamuniverse said:

Do you agree with the side that I placed Batman/Superman as the leader of?


Quite frankly such divisions are impossible in the JLA, because both Batman and Superman, despite their differing views on life, have very strong moral cores and hold life sacred. Either of them joining the pro-kill side would be betraying their deepest principles. Cyclops and Wolverine can make that work (I'm guessing? I don't know the first thing about Schism) because they have two wildly different sets of values. Superman and Batman really don't.

This is the same problem as with any 'Civil War in DC' scenario. You're assuming conflict where none exists.

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Wasn't that what The Outsiders,Cry for Justice ,and Extreme Justice

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@AtPhantom: What I was thinking was IF somehow these heroes' morals radically changed, which side would they take? I understand that it probably wouldn't happen, but IF it did, what would happen then? I could see this happening in an alternate reality where their morals are crazy and stuff.

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they did have a Schism, it was called A Cry For Justice 
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Didn't this already happen with the Elite? The league split into to teams.

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