The teams of the Trinity War (based on the preview in JL #12).

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Based on the previews in JL 12 I believe that the JL will break in will be Superman's side and one will be Batman's, the third team will be the JLA

I hope i am wrong because i dont want to see another Superman vs Batman story.It's getting ridiculous

We already had a Superman vs Batman two times since the new 52 (JL #2 and Batman dark knight 5 ).A mind-controlled Superman will come in JL 14.

Here is the previews

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If this is true I'm more concerned on how the team on the right fares agaisnt WW and Superman o-o...

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@Wboy: Well you know the badgod will think of something *sigh*!

i just hope i am wrong i really don't want to see another hero vs hero

the villians started to lose their jobs.

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I like tension and arguments within the team, but not a war already. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens, hopefully won't be another SM vs BM thing.

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