The Plot For A Justice League Movie With No Lead-In Films

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Disclaimer: I don't claim that this is a super high quality story. I'm not a writer or a film maker, but I'm doing this to prove that lead-in films are not necessary.

Main Cast

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The film opens in a small village in Kahndaq, a fictional country situated in the Middle East. The town has recently seen a serious military conflict reminiscent of Black Hawk Down. Children and women are crying while gun shots go off. We see a medic bandaging a fellow soldier up. The wounded soldier asks, "Do you think that he can do it? Do you think that he can save us?", and the medic reassuringly replies, "He's Superman, right? He can do anything." We cut to a shot of Superman (Henry Cavill) racing skyward to to intercept several nuclear missiles. The wind rips through Superman's hair as he dismantles the missiles one by one. With only 3 missiles left, it looks like Superman is about to save the day when the three remaining missiles split up. Superman man manages to stop two of the three remaining missiles, but the third slams into a village in Bialya--Kahndaq's neighboring country--right before Superman can intercept it. The shock wave knocks him unconscious, and we see Superman fall back to Earth like a broken angel.

We cut to a scene on Apokalips; the camera creeps along Darkseid's throne room and slowly pans up to the dark king himself. "Bring him to me." Steppenwolf drags the broken body of Tomar Tu to Darkseid. "Where is Abin Sur? Where is the Emerald Eye of Ekron?" Tomar Tu looks up defiantly, "I am Tomar Tu, the last inhabitant of a world destroyed by your own hand. I am the son of a murdered father, the husband of a murdered wife. I will have my vengeance in this life or the next." Tomar breaks free of Steppenwolf's grasp with a blast of his emerald energy, and he leaps at Darkseid. Before he can hit him, Tomar's body is eradicated by Darkseid's omega beams. "Fool. Desaad, can you trace Abin Sur's energy signature?" "He's not using his ring because he knows that we can track it, but our sentinels believe that they have found his ship." "Have them bring him to me."

In the next scene, news anchor Snapper Carr (Jeff Daniels in a cameo role)--of Galaxy Cable News--delivers a somber news story detailing the events in Kahndaq and Bialya. "Superman disappeared after the incident. Thousands are still trying to come to terms with the fact that no man--not even a super one--could prevent this disaster on his own. After a commercial break, we'll bring you a story on this so called 'Batman', who appeared in Gotham City just over a year ago."

We pan to a military bar playing the above news story in the background. The story is mostly being ignored. Music blares as Carol Ferris and some pilots from Ferris Air walk in for drinks and a good time. She orders a drink at the bar when she's approached by Hal Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal) of the U.S. Air Force. "Bourbon? A bold choice." "I'm a bold girl." "I admire courage.” “Did you come here to talk drinks and admire my 'courage'?” “No ma'am, I came here to take you to bed.” “Carol Ferris.” “Hal Jordan.”

In Gotham City, the Batmobile returns to the Batcave, and Batman (Ryan Gosling) exits. "How is your mission to civilize going, Don Quixote?" "It's got its ups and downs, Alfred. Falcone and his thugs are going to prison, but this FBI agent--Edward Nigma--is still on my tail. And my knife wounds from my fight with Zsasz still haven't healed. How is my birthday party going " "I've been telling the guests that Bruce Wayne likes to take some of his more attractive guests on private tours of the manor. Is that a bullet wound in your arm?" "I may need to stitch myself up again. No matter how well you prepare yourself for things like these, there are just some things you can't see coming." "Can't or won't? If you keep doing this on your own, I think that we both know there is one way that you're going to end up. I promised your parents that I would--" "That will be all, Alfred. I'm fine, and I'll see you upstairs."

Now we cut to Central City Train Station. Captain Darryl Frye and Barry Allen (Charlie Hunnam) share a bench. “I can't believe that you were struck by lightning, and now you're up and running. You gave us a good scare, Barry.” “I feel like the luckiest man alive. I got knocked down, but I'm ready to come back. I need to get back to helping people again. I really just can't sit still a day longer.” “Well then, welcome back, golden boy. I'll see you in the office bright and early. I want you on the 'Flash' case.” “The Flash? Come on, Darryl. There's no way he or it is real.” “I would have agreed with you before we had flying men and giant bats, but we live in a whole new world. Anyway, the commissioner wants us on it, so suck it up, and get ready to get back into crime-fighting mode.” “Fine, just no bat-men.”

In Washington DC, Wonder Woman (Gemma Arterton) sits in a government interrogation room face-to-face with Amanda Waller. "You showed up a week ago, and you slayed a man-bull in the middle of our capital. And now you're claiming to be some princess from the Amazon? Do you take me for a fool, Diana?" "Well, first, I'm from Themyscira, and second, yes, I am an ambassador to your world from a country that has decided to give you all a second chance." "A second chance for what?" "I've been sent here to open up a peaceful dialogue between our nations--" "And to slay man-bulls?" "And to protect you from the creatures who are starting to return to your world--like Minotaurs. I want to find out why they are able to return now." "Even if your story were true, how do I know that you're not just some spy from wherever you're from?" "How many spies put their lives on the line for the people they are supposed to spy on? When did your people become so jaded?" Rick Flag and Steve Trevor rush into the interrogation room, and Trevor says. "Miss Waller, we have a problem. We've been on the lookout for extraterrestrials ever since that Kryptonian invasion last year. We think that we've found something. And we may need her..."

“So, Dr. Victor Stone (Mehcad Brooks), how does one win a Heisman Trophy and become a Rhodes Scholar?”, asks reporter Iris West. “Time management helps, but I owe a lot to Motor City. She's given me a lot, and I intend to return the favor, which is why I petitioned S.T.A.R. Labs to open a research facility here. We're bringing industry to a city that needs it, and we're hoping to change the world for the better with our work.” “Are those the only reasons you're returning to Motor City? What about your father Dr. Silas Stone and his research into extraterrestrial artifacts and debris?” “My father and I haven't spoken in years, and S.T.A.R. Labs hasn't found anything extraterrestrial to research. I'm sorry to end this interview early, but I have a meeting with some researchers from Ivy University scheduled now.” Victor exits his office, splits up with Iris West, and runs into Sarah Charles. “Hey, Sarah. Ready to get to work?” “Hey, Vic,” Sarah replies with a wry smile. “Our walls are paper thin, you know. I could hear your interview from my office, and all I have to say is 'liar, liar'.”

Superman returns to his flat in Metropolis. He's injured, but he shakes off the pain. He plays his voice mails. “Hey, Clark. It's Lois. Perry wants you and I to cover the Wonder Woman story first thing in the morning.” Clark walks around the apartment until he hears a metallic voice call out to him, "Statement: Kal-El, there are extraterrestrial bodies headed for Earth. Estimated Time of Arrival: 30 minutes." "Are they Kryptonian, Brainiac?" "Answer: No. They are unknown." "Where are they headed for?" "Tracking: Just East of Coast City limits. This looks like a job for..." "I'm on it." Clark zips out of his apartment and breaks mach speed to reach Coast City. "This time, no one dies."

Back at Star Labs, Victor Stone and Sarah Charles enter the Red Room. "What are we looking at today Sarah?" "Dr. Ivo and Dr. Morrow have been analyzing those precursor nanites all morning. They believe that those things may have worked together as some kind of life support system for sentient beings who existed before our dinosaurs went extinct. That's all we really know. But we're on call with the military right now. Apparently, we have to be ready for immediate analysis of new extraterrestrial artifacts." "From where?" "Well, apparently Coast City is about to see some action."

Hal Jordan sneaks out of Carol Ferris's bed, gets dressed and runs out of her enormous house. "Not bad, Hal. Not bad at all." Hal hops into his jeep and races down a Coast City street that snakes through an empty desert. He looks up to the sky and remembers what it felt like to break the sound barrier his first time. Fiery objects catch his glimpse, and they are headed strait for him!

Abin Sur tries his best to steady his ship. The Green Lantern is wounded from his fight with Darkseid, and his ship is undoubtedly going to crash due to the attacks of the two Apokaliptan ships on his trail. He thought that he would have been able to sneak away from Darkseid's forces to hide the Emerald Eye of Ekron, but he was wrong. Too weak to fight, he knows his only hope is to find a new Green Lantern to take his place. At the Apokalitan ships blast him from behind and the earth comes to meet him head on, he pulls up and manages to crash land near an earth man... The two Apokaliptan ships crash into the ground in their pursuit of him. "Ring, find a worthy candidate and bring him to me." Abin Sur's ring leaves his hand and flys off toward... Hal Jordan?

Hal sees the alien ships that have crashed near him. Kryptonian? No, these looked different. He could see that one of the pilots was still alive. Hal rushes toward him hoping to save a life. The pink alien in the ship is clearly dying, but Hal isn't about to let him die alone. To his surprise, the alien speaks, "I am Abin Sur of the Green Lantern Corps. It seems that my ring has chosen you to take my place as the protector of space sector 2814." "Space sector?" "My time is short and a great danger looms. It seeks the Emerald Eye of Ekron. Protect the sphere with your life. If it falls into the wrong hands..." Abin Sur dies. Hal sees more ships headed his way. It's an entire armada. "This is not good, Hal." He grabs the Emerald Eye of Ekron and Abin Sur's ring, and he hops back into his jeep. He turns off his lights and bolts down the road. The ships fire at Hal, but instead of dying, his ring lights up and envelops him in a protective shield. "No way...."

Superman arrives in Coast City. He can see alien ships shooting at a car, and suddenly there is a flash of green light. "A force field?" Superman flies toward the ships and starts tearing them apart. Hal can't believe his luck. "Superman?" But he's quickly brought back to reality. There are hundreds of aliens after him, and he's running out of road. Suddenly, he can feel energy course into his veins from the ring. He has flashbacks of all of Abin Sur's recent memories. "Oh, god, no..." Hal snaps out of it now emblazoned by the colors of the Green Lantern Corps. "You guys are messing with the wong planet." Hal flies off and joins Superman in the fight. "Welcome to Earth."

Wonder Woman sits aboard a Blackhawk helicopter approaching the alien invasion in Coast City. She's heard stories about Superman, and now she'd be fighting next to him--and some being made of light. Steve Trevor barks, "Alright, we're almost there people. Wonder Woman, you're faster than this bird. Do your thing and we'll catch up with you." Wonder Woman nods, and jumps from the helicopter. She flies into the heat of battle.

Meanwhile at Central City, Barry Allen catches breaking coverage of the Battle for Coast City. There's no way that he's going to miss out on this.

To be continued...

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Dude this is frickin sick. You should submit this or something. I support 100%.

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Kalibak and Granny Goodness are walking in metropolis. Superman shows up and Superman gets beaten to a pulp. Batman comes and saves Superman.

To be continued ...

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You forgot Manhunter.

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you had me up until Gyllenhaal. uggh. cant stand him.

@TheCannon said:

You forgot Manhunter.

could you at least wait until the man is done with his pitch before you begin to piss and moan and make MM fans look like Storm's raindrops.

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Sorry not a fan :/

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And here we go about the Manhunter bitching again. *sighs*

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No more mehcah brooks. i hope dc chooses trai byers

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

@TheCannon said:

You forgot Manhunter.

could you at least wait until the man is done with his pitch before you begin to piss and moan and make MM fans look like Storm's raindrops.


Anyway. I like your pitch dude. Like you said, not every comic movie needs a lead-up, but those Marvel movies did help a lot of people give a darn about some of their favorite characters.

I don't know where I stand here. I mean, I want a Flash movie, but how would a Flash movie be without the members of the League. Anyway, keep doing your thing. I am loving your tremendous effort. I like your ideas for Cyborg, and I hope to see some of those stressed in his eventual series.

Keep it up, my friend.

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Unlike others who have asked for more characters, I think you need fewer. Without lead-in films, it's clear that you need to balance a lot of introductions, but you just have too many plot-lines going right now for what your premise is. It seems like you'd be ignoring a lot of characters for long periods, and that makes things feel disjointed. Each story feels like it belongs in a separate film right now. I would cut out the Flash stuff, and keep the other 5. That way you only need to deal with two origin stories.

Also, I like how your Wonder Woman reminds me of Ultimate Thor, lol.

Anyhoo, good work, but lose Flash. He's not necessary, and he's always had the least personality of all Justice Leaguers. (Bring on the hate, viners. I'm just going to ignore it.) And I like your casting choices. Gyllenhaal was great as a soldier in Source Code, and Chris Pine doesn't want the Hal Jordan role...

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@Superdork: Interesting ideas. This is by far the most thorough potential JL movie plot I've come across. Interesting the direction you want to take Victor.

Also this cast is pretty intriguing. overall I like it, to bad Ryan Gossling doesn't seem interested in superhero movies.

Keep it up interested to see where you take this

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Good stuff so far, haven´t read the whole thing, but I like it. However, if they are to do a JL movie I hope they don´t do it like this, not because I don´t think it´s good, but it will ruin all the origin stories for the rest of the characters. I think they should do it further into JL´s existence, otherwise we´ll not see a proper origin film for WW, The Flash and MMH for a long time to come - the sequel spinoffs will just move from the established story. I really think origin stories especially with character like The Flash and WW, which can be set in so many different eras and still make sense are timeless, and the fun is to try and create them again for our generation. like the flash getting struck by lightning and chemicals just won´t fly these days, I think particle accelerator maybe some electron experiment that fundementally changes his DNA will be more acceptable. But anyway great work.

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Oh and choose a better cast, most of the cast kinda sucks or is very obvious and cyborg over Manhunter noway man bad idea, whats batman for if Cyborg is in the team, it negates him completely don´t you think?

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too many characters - as a Marvel fan, I was reading it going "who the? where the? who's he?"

that's why the Marvel films worked, people had seen or heard of most of the cast from the previous films

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@Chaos Burn said:

too many characters - as a Marvel fan, I was reading it going "who the? where the? who's he?"

that's why the Marvel films worked, people had seen or heard of most of the cast from the previous films

except not really. The general audience doesn't need to be familiar with characters for them to work. This is just a message board misconception people are perpetuating because Avengers was the first of its kind

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