Opinions on The JLA Film and how it's falling apart (Video)

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Hey guys,

So I've just put up this little video initiating a debate about the current standings of the JLA film. I'm a graduate writer so the heart of this debate isn't about the casting or possible plot events but how they're going to tell the story. I'm interested to hear your thoughts and comments.

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Interesting video. I think that they (Warner Brothers) need to get their house in order first, sounds like a mess over there. Im not sure that WW Flash need their own solos (although they would be great to see). Honestly I am excited for this to happen whenever it may be. One point that should never be overlooked is the biggest factor the JL film has going for it. Batman and Superman on the screen at the same time. Arguably the most well know superheroes in the world on the screen in a blockbuster would be beyond huge. All we can do is hope for the best. Im pulling for it.

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@lewismcgregor: Its not really falling apart. WB said that they are going to wait to see how Man of Steel does before they go all out on JL movie. If MoS does great then most likely they will do and finish JL if it doesn't well it will probs get scrapped.

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I agree wit pretty much everything said.

If I were a brain behind this film (which I am not) I would really have 5 main rules during production - and I'd make sure everyone involved knew these rules.

1. Charatcer-driven - I pretty much agree with what was said in the video. The audience needs to know their characters (particularly because of the strong personalities in the league)…

2. Five members - the core five members should be enough (for a first film at least - though it's far too soon to even consider a sequel imo). Wouldn't want to overload the audience with too many characters to get to know so quickly.

3. Transition from Batman and Superman to others - the two characters are DC's biggest. They're the ones audiences will probably look to first because they're already most familiar. I'd want the film to start out from their point of view as they meet the other future leaguers. Then, after we've been introduced to Flash, GL, WW etc. the film can start to focus on them after the audience has already seen them from the eyes of a more familiar character.

4. Tip-toe over continuity - a bit issue with the DC films is that nobody knows how continuity between films is going to work out. I say, don't specify anything. Start of the JL film with the characters already established in their personas (regardless of whether of not the characters are the same as they are in their previous films). Characterization > Continuity in my book. Just don't make characters too different than we're used to seeing them and they'll be fine.

5. Ignor The Avengers - obviously, The Avengers is on everyone's minds when people think about a JL film. If I were involved in the JL film production, I would try to forget that The Avengers even existed. The way I see it, the film would either be too similar to The Avengers and be criticized for it or the film would try too hard to distance itself from The Avengers (ie going out of its way to be completely realistic and in no way comicbook-like) and that will result in its failure. The Avengers was a great film. But it's best for the production team of JL to put their predecessor out of mind when crafting a completely different team with a different setup and different characters.

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I could wait another year or two for a Justice League movie. They need to build up each character. Wonder Woman have her own movie. Maybe fit in another Man of Steel movie featuring Martian Manhunter. Reboot Green Lantern and have Flash and Aquaman feature in it. Then do whatever they want to do with Batman.

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After new recent reports it looks like there might not be one for quite a while. It's kind of funny how Warner Bros are waiting to see if MOS is going to cash in before fully greenlighting the JLA. All about the money.

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@lewismcgregor: No they are waiting because if MOS isn't succesful than it will be harder to make a second movie. Plus JL will be much harder to make.

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@lilben42: Exactly.

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Whatever happens ultimately with the Justice League, I firmly feel that the film shouldn't be a "get the band together" movie.

The tentpole characters, namely Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman to some degree, all have had pretty good exposure to the public. The "minor" characters like Flash, Aquaman, and whomever else they decide to include (Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, etc) can be explained in brief interludes or exposition.

Just start the film with a bang, give us an idea who the characters are, why they're cool and why we should care, and I think they'd be off to a great start.

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