My thoughts on the new JLA lineup artwork

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  • I don’t like Flash’s new mask. If my assumption that it's Barry is correct, it looks much too futuristic for him. It's unnecessary highlighting (especially the chin strap) for something that's worked perfectly for so long.
  • Cyborg’s body looks really bad. I preferred it when he didn’t look like Doomsday.
  • Aquaman’s collar makes me smile. I'm glad to see he's stayed relatively the same. His hand's off-panel. Hmm.
  • I really miss Wonder Woman’s jacket. Her boobs must be held in there by super Amazonian double-stick tape. She also looks very… diminutive? Diana looks tiny compared to the rest of them.
  • As Chris pointed out, Hal looks like he’s overcompensating for something. The placement of the minigun is unfortunate.
  • I’m kind of missing Supes’ red briefs. I know that’s something very nitpicky, but it makes his character look too alien. Also, his collar looks a bit too garish. I don’t know why his doesn’t fit in while Aquaman’s does, but… hey! Hal’s got the exact same collar! Lazy art, or did they just visit all the same tailor?
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i like it all.  (note-im not bashing your opinion, im just stating my own)
Cy looks like a tank, a bad dangerous mama jama 
i doubt Hal walks around with a big gun in place of his crotch 
wonder womans boobies are held in place by ancient amazonian magic
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The looks are definitely unique to say the least. I guess they'll just need getting used to.

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I like them with the exception of Flash. Not sure how I feel about Cyborg on this team. Where's MM?

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They look cool.I'm happy to see that Supes lost the underwear to be honest.

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I think that art is really good. 
If this was just s coustume change and not a revamp, I would be totally okay with it. 
-Superman's new coustume dosen't look so bad. 
-Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Batman coustumes have changed very little. 
-Wonder Woman's coustume is something I think looks 10 times better then the current one.
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It's the Metrosexual League of America! Look at those haircuts and popped collars!
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Batman looks the best. I don't like Flash's chinstrap either.
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Cyborg and Flash look like they are on steroids. Other than that, I like them.

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Love your comment about WW's top.  In real life with a costume like that she'd be like those girls at the club that are constantly pulling up their tube tops to keep from flashing the entire club.
I like Bat's costume - it looks like a mix of his original blue/grey costume and the new one.

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The only thing I would Wonder Womans silver to gold.
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I don't like WW's costume on this cover, but in the other art it looks pretty okay, which as ringing an endorsement as I'm prepared to give it right now. 

I'm also not keen on the silver, but I'm not sure I'd switch it to gold. Maybe a shiny bronze.

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