How to make a Justice League movie work.

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With the success of the Marvel films Warner Bros. and DC Comics have been scrambling to put together a Justice League movie but unsurprisingly the script turned out to be terrible. Marvel is succeeding not only because they have all their talent in house but they have a vision and people who know how to execute that vision.

Personally I didn’t care for The Avengers or some of the films that preceded it (Thor and Iron Man 2) but I’d honestly rather sit through it than one of Christopher Nolan’s laborious Bat films. Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest directors of the 2000’s but his Bat films left a lot to be desired. What Warner Bros. really needs to do is create their own universe, different from Marvel’s and create a different kind of film than The Avengers.

Close Up of Warren Ellis at SDCC

Which version of the Justice League? As much I like some of the New 52, Justice League was probably was one of my least favorite titles. I can’t really explain why but I just didn’t like it. My top choice has to be Grant Morrison’s JLA

Plot: Instead of going with an Alien invasion I think a Crime Syndicate story should be the way to go. Alien Invasion is not a boring concept but The Avengers has already done that and they're already using Thanos so introducing Darkseid would seem like a total copycat move. A Crime Syndicate story would be awesome and a welcome idea in an industry where originality seems to be quickly fading away.

Writer:JLA was of course written by Grant Morrison but I don’t think he’d be the man for the job. My personal choice would be the great Warren Ellis. Ellis may not have any screen credits to his name but he did create The Authority. Anyone who has read Volume One of The Authority will know that the man can write a cinematic style comic and can most importantly balance screen time for each character. One of my biggest problems with The Avengers was that it was essentially Iron Man 3 because Tony Stark had the most screen time. The Authority was obviously a lot more mature and graphic than a Justice League film could be but with the right director at the helm then Justice League would be a bona-fide hit.

Director: There is honestly no other man I could choose for the job than Bruce Timm. Timm not only has the experience and considering how he states in the commentary for the Justice League Season Two episode “A Better World, Part 2”, he was a big of fan Warren Ellis’ The Authority. While he has no Live-Action experience, Andrew Stanton made a pretty impressive ( at least to me) with John Carter.

Cast: No matter the director or writer if the cast isn’t good then the whole movie will sink like the Titanic.

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Superman: Henry Cavill. Man of Steel isn’t out yet but I have complete faith in this man as Superman.

Batman: I was never particularly impressed with Christian Bale as Batman. I’m a huge fan of his work but I thought he was a terrible choice for the character. When Daniel Craig retires from of the role of Bond, Bale would be my first choice to succeed him.

I know I’m going to turn a lot of heads with this but my choice is James Franco. Franco is known for playing characters with a troubled past or life and that certainly apply to Batman. Some have suggested him for the Joker but I think he’d be a pretty great Batman.

Wonder Woman: Bridget Regan. The role of Wonder Woman calls for a woman who’s tall, busty, tough, and attractive. Every one of those things describes Bridget Regan.

Wally West: Garrett Hedlund. A lot of people seem to want Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper as either Flash but honestly I can’t see either of them as the character.

Aquaman: Josh Holloway. I really wanted to see this guy as Green Arrow in Arrow but the role went to Stephen Amell who has really proved himself. Aquaman to me needs to be a commanding kind of man as he’s well King of Atlantis and if Holloway were to play him the stigma surrounding the character would finally fade away.

Kyle Rayner: Jake Gyllenhaal. I’ve been trying to think up Latino (or at least somewhat Latino) actors that could play Kyle Rayner but I keep coming back to Jake Gyllenhaal for the role. He’s not Latino in any way but I just can’t think of anyone else to play the role.

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Good ideas, but you forgot Martian Manhunter.

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Just do what Marvel did. And it will work. We need a Flash and Wonder Woman movie. And maybe a Green Lantern reboot (to hell with the Ryan Reynolds one)..

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Liked all of it. Totally agree with using Wally and Kyle.

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@Bushwhacker_ said:

Just do what Marvel did. And it will work. We need a Flash and Wonder Woman movie. And maybe a Green Lantern reboot (to hell with the Ryan Reynolds one)..

i would have placed a bomb in Chris Pine's chest and promise to disarm and remove after he did a certain number of GL and JL movies lol

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@Abigail_The_Magical_Person said:

Liked all of it. Totally agree with using Wally and Kyle.

I don't

Hal and Barry all the way!

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Do a reboot-sequel for Green Lantern. Call it Green Lantern 2, but have the opening moments be Hal getting killed by Sinestro, and the Corps beign destroyed. Then transition to Kyle who is brought a GL ring by Ganthet, blah blah blah, kill Sinestro everyones happy.

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No James Franco as Batman no no and yeah no

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@DarthEdge: Warren Ellis wrote Red which was made in to a movie, I don't know if that counts. Anyways I always thought they should do a contemporary version of Justice League New Frontier. 
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Wow, this is all really well though out. I can't say I completely agree with the director choice, though. I think someone who could have a good interpretation on the JLA, but has a semi-recognizable director would be best for the movie. I mean, Bruce Timm is certainly recognizable, but that's mainly to those who watched the cartoons. Unfortunately, seeing a big name nowadays give the movie a huge boost. The Justice League movie will definitely need it! Everything else is spot on, though, and I actually really like the choice of James Franco as Batman. I never thought of it before, but now that I think of it, I can definitely see it working! Same with Jake Gyllenhaal as Kyle. I know a lot of people who put him as an option for Batman, but Kyle definitely seems to fit him a lot better!

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The first thing that needs to happen for a Justice League movie to happen is for WB to grow a pair and think past Batman and Super man

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