fast tracking J.L.A. ?

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So way back in June 2010 on comicvine they had a news story that green lantern's first movie wasn't even done yet and they had already signed on to do a second one plus a flash movie and now we get news that there is another superman movie in the making. is dc trying to fast track a J.L.A movie for 2012? I mean they don't even know how well these movies are going to do yet. Is it because marvel is making all these movies to build up to an Avengers movie and dc hopes to compete with them. They aren't even bringing wonder woman to the big screen. They are giving her a tv show. And the next batman movie is Nolan's last so i doubt that  Christian Bale  would sign on to do batman if they did have a J.L.A. planned. Are they making these movies for the sake of making them or are they trying to get a J.L.A. movie up and running?

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I thought that they were planning something, but then scrapped the JLA movie. I'm not sure they are trying to go forward with it now.

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