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What would you like these characters solo movies to be about




Green Lantern

Wonder Woman



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I would borrow ideas from Wizard's Ultimate Justice League.

After Man of Steel and Justice League, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash would all get prequels to Justice League that would help to set up Justice League 2. Then there would be a sequel to Man of Steel and a sequel to Justice League.


Superman/Man of Steel 2

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THE ORIGIN: Rocketed from the dying planet Krypton, a lone baby lands in a Smallville, Kansas field. Adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent, the infant is raised like any other child, but the Kents soon learn their adopted son Clark is anything but ordinary. Under the Earth's yellow sun, he's developed powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

THE CHARACTER: It's six months removed after Brainiac's Invasion in Justice League. Clarkhas been offered an entry-level job at the Daily Planet.

SUPPORTING CAST: Lois still Clark's girlfriend and one of the few people who knows about his extraordinary powers. Lois, a tenacious and clever reporter, is also the protege of Planet senior writer Perry White,the man who mentors Lois and Clark in both their work and personal lives. And just as Clark settles in Metropolis, billionaire industrialist Lex Luthor reemerges after a four-year disappearance from public life. Although Clark looks forward to seeing his old friend from Smallville, something has clearly made Lex more intense, but Lex isn't talking.

THE SET UP: Lex inherits his father's company after his father dies in the Brainiac Invasion in Justice League. Brainiac's remains are being studied by CADMUS, a secret U.S. government research facility. LuthorCorp is brought in to consult on the study.

THE FIRST ACT: Brainiac lives as a set of nanomachines capable of reprogramming DNA. Its goal is to reprocess Superman and continue its quest to catalogue the universe. It finds Lex and bonds to him to achieve his goals. With his new found power, Lex grows reckless and narcissistic.

THE BIG PICTURE: As Clark tries to reestablish his friendship with Lex, he doesn't realize that Lex knows he's Superman! The catch: Lex refuses to admit it to himself. Lex feels that if Clark, who represents Lex's only tether to a humanity that has constantly betrayed him, has been lying to him their entire lives, it is Superman who has to pay the price.


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THE ORIGIN: Seventeen years ago, an 8-year-old Bruce Wayne watched helplessly as a two-bit crook gunned down his parents. As the young Wayne was shipped off to privateschools, a young detective named James Gordonwould be assigned to the case. It proves to be the one case he could never solve.

Seventeen years later, a changed Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham. Having all but disappeared from the public eye for the last few years, Wayne secretly trained himself to wage a one-man war on crime as the masked urban myth called Batman.

THE CHARACTER: Not the billionaire boob that so many fans are used to, Wayne has trained himself not just as the Dark Knight but also as a shrewd businessman. One of the wealthiest men in the world, Wayne's closest business rival is another young gun Lex Luthor.

SUPPORTING CAST: Alfred Pennyworth represents the only family Wayne has left: An English manservant who served the Waynes for over 25 years, Alfred plays confidant, medic and sometimes psychiatrist to the man he thinks of as a son. In James Gordon's long career, the image of young Wayne weeping over his parents' lifeless bodies haunted him: After 20 years on the job, he ascends to police commissioner by turning the tables on the corrupt Gotham police force, using their own blackmail and strong-arm tactics against them. At Gordon's side stands Harvey Dent, Gotham's hotshot district attorney, who grew up with Bruce before the murders. Dent's engaged to Gordon's daughter, Barbara, a grad school student who can't resist combing for Internet reports of the mysterious Batman's nocturnal assault on crime. Bruce is armed by Luscious Fox who plays a similar role to the one he played in the Dark Knight trilogy, and Dr. Leslie Thompkins, one of Bruce's father's colleagues, cares for him when he is badly hurt.

THE SET-UP: After training for over a decade, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham, and dons the cape and cowl of the Batman.Striking an alliance with Commissioner Gordon despite D.A. Dent's protests, the Dark Knight sets out to set things right in Gotham City.

THE FIRST ACT: As Batmanand Gordon wage war against Gotham's mob families, they learn someone has beaten them to it. Calling himself Mr. Freeze, this cryo-genically-powered vigilante's campaign on crime kills capos, criminals, and any innocents who get in the way.Batmanmust match wits with this darker version of himself who is better at this game than he is, and he must figure out why Mr. Freeze is on his personal campaign and what he intends to do with the resources that he has been gathering from Gotham's crime families.

THE BIG PICTURE:Batman's stellar cast of rogues will be introduced slowly and menacingly. Two growing subplots will culminate with Lex Luthor's hostile takeover of Wayne Enterprises and Mr. Freeze's discovery of Batman's secret identity.

Wonder Woman

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THE ORIGIN: Born on the cloaked Mediterranean island of Themyscira, Princess Diana was trained since birth as an Amazon warrior. Blessed with her demi-goddessabilities of superhuman strength and durability, the athletic princess earns the right through trial by combat to be the ambassador to Man's World. But her office as emissary of peace is a ruse. Wonder Woman hasn't come to Man's World to foster relations, she's come as an advance spy for an Amazonian race bent on conquering it due to their belief that the patriach's world is amassing forces to attack them. At the center of this deception is Circe, the legendary sorceress.

THE CHARACTER: Meet the ultimate warrior. Diana was trained not only as anAmazonsoldier but also in the ways of the people she plans to deceive. In fact, her own battle gear has been purposely modeled after the U.S. flag's colors, to further endear her to the world's superpower nation.

SUPPORTING CAST: Steve Trevor, U.S. delegate to the United Nations, works with Diana to open a line of communication with Themyscira. This perfectly suits Diana's mission as it is a means to not only survey America's defenses but as a way to meet and access its top leaders. Meanwhile Circe corrupts the minds of top officials in the U.S. military.

THE FIRST ACT: Leaving Themyscira for the first time in her life, Diana comes to Washington D.C. and is an immediate cultural icon to the American people. But as Diana grows closer and more in touch with the outside world, she's not sure if she can carry out her Amazonduties. Nicknamed Wonder Woman by Trevor when she's seen in action fighting minotaurs in the capital city, Diana slowly finds herself stepping in as guardian to a race she has vowed to conquer and unraveling a mystery she didn't know existed.

THE BIG PICTURE: After deciding that Man's World isn't as big a blight as her fellow Amazonsbelieve, Diana is forced to expose Circe's treachery before legions of herAmazonsisters attack the USA.

Green Lantern

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THE ORIGIN: Dishonorably discharged by the military's highly trained Delta Force, John Stewart's life is going nowhere--until he's recruited into the intergalactic police force called The Green Lantern Corps. A rookie grunt assigned to Sector 2814--Earth--Stewart's mentor is the Corps' most senior officer: Thaal Sinestro.

THE CHARACTER: No one knows why Stewart was thrown out of Delta Force but as he puts it, "I had one bad day." A social activist now in Los Angeles, Stewart is happy to serve out his days not fighting in anyone's wars, until he's given the power to truly make a difference.

SUPPORTING CAST: A slew of alien GLs fill the title, but Stewart's main interaction is with his training officer Sinestro. A brilliant strategist and one of the most powerful Green Lanternsever,Sinestrowill give John Stewart--and the reader--the vibe that this Green Lantern may be furthering a dark agenda.

THE SET-UP: Trained by Sinestro, Stewart quickly gains a reputation as a hotshot upstart and one of the toughest Green Lanterns in the universe. And, like his fellow officers on the GLC planet Oa, he still never sees their commanders called The Guardians, who are said to give the rings their power.

THE FIRST ACT: Think Training Day in outer space. The rookie GL asks, "What happened to the other Green Lanternsbefore me?" "Simple," saysSinestrowith a smile. "It didn't work out." As Sinestroreveals his shadier side while the story progresses, Stewart grows more and more interested in just where the Guardians and his new ring and power battery come from.

THE BIG PICTURE: Over time, Stewart discovers the Guardians are imprisoned bySinestro along with another human Green Lanter--Hal Jordan. Sinestro hasbeen secretly running the Corps for some time now. Stewart learns that Sinestro wants to achieve greater order in the universe by creating a new Corps powered by fear. Hal Jordan stood against him but was imprisoned. Sinestro's new Corps steps into the light and begins to batter the GLC by working with the Guardian's robotic Manhunters. And Hal Jordan is finally corrupted by Sinestro's power source Parallax. It's up to Stewart and his rag-tag group of Green Lanterns to fight the Sinestro corps, defeat Hal Jordan, destroy the Manhunters, and free the Guardians before all of sector 666 is wiped out.

The Flash

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THE ORIGIN: Crime scene investigator Barry Allen works in one of the fastest cities in the world--Los Angeles. Called to a crime scene inside Cadmus Labs Research Facility (a subsidiary of LexCorp), Allen's collection of evidence accidentally exposes him to a host of experimental substances. Invisible to the naked eye, tasteless, and odorless, these compounds trigger something within Allen's biochemistry, transforming him into the fastest man alive!

THE CHARACTER: As one of the top crime scene investigators in the country, Barry Allen is often called upon to tackle L.A.'s most bizarre cases. A one-man crime lab thanks to his keen mind and inhuman speed, the fastest man alive now has what it takes to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

SUPPORTING CAST: L.A. Detective Jay Garrick is Allen's best friend and the only person who knows he's secretly the Flash. Even Assistant District Attorney Iris West, Allen's off-again, on-again flame, doesn't know his secret. Of course, she's got her own problems now that she's taken in her young nephew Wally West after years of parental abuse. Making things harder for Allen is that the rebellious Wally doesn't trust any cop, even if they're dating his Aunt Iris.

THE SET-UP: After realizing he's gained the power to run faster than the speed of sound, Allen develops a slick running outfit to disguise his identity while investigating crimes as the Flash.

THE FIRST ACT: While experimenting with his powers, Barry discovers a downside to his abilities: the more he uses his speed, the faster his body shows signs of aging. But just as Barry begins to master his power and gets a lead on the serial killer Murmur, someone else with superhuman speed calling himself Black Flash arrives on the scene. What's worse, he knows all of Barry's secrets and wants the Scarlet Speedster dead.

THE BIG PICTURE: "I'll never forgive you!" screams Black Flash as he pummels Allen in their first meeting. This grief-stricken foe stands revealed as none other than a future Wally West! Haunted for years by Wally's hatred, Allen eventually learns he'll make a wrong decision that costs the lives of everyone living in Los Angeles!

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I want the JL movie to work so badly, I really hope they don't blow it. I think the villian for the first movie should be a threat to earth but not on a thanos size scale maybe Lex with some sort of plot device? End of credits he revels that it is to stop a Bigger threat. JL 2 is about Thanos. Getting them all together is going to be tough and having the right actors is key. The settign has to be right to it has to have it's own feel like how The Dark Knight series was different then any other superhero movie...you have to find a way to match them all up

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