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Interstellar threats. Alien dictators. Lords of sin and demons of darkness. Time and again, the forces of evil would conspire to bring about their ruinous and terrifying objective - the complete destruction of planet Earth. Valiantly, the superheroes of the world fought back, struggling tirelessly to protect the weak and helpless from such forces. Day after day, the hope of all mankind lay in the hands and hearts of such legendary defenders as Superman... Green Lantern... Wonder Woman... Batman... Flash... Aquaman... Martian Manhunter... and Green Arrow. Each was as great a hero as America had ever seen. Still, despite their great power, there sometimes arose those menaces too awesome and malevolent for any one hero to overcome. Working independently, Earth's champions found themselves helpless against such evil. But working together... Following the blueprint success charted by the 1940s' Justice Society of America, DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz, along with writer Gardner Fox and penciller Mike Sekowsky, assembled an all-star line-up of DC's most popular superheroes in the pages of Justice League of America, one of the most influential and best-selling comic books of the 1960s. Today, more than thirty years after its launch, the Justice League—comics' longest running superhero team—has firmly established itself as a guiding star in the DC firmament. The second volume of The Justice League of America Archives reprints eight key adventures of the world's greatest superheroes, including the first appearance of perennial JLA foe Dr. Light; the team's previously unrevealed origin story; the induction of The Atom; and the first Justice League tale so cosmic in scope that it took two issues to tell.

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