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When a young girl from Atlantis is washed up on the sea shore, Batman is soon on hand to lead the investigation. Clearly it isn't lack of water that killed her, so what is responsible? When Aquaman does not respond to his JLA summons, Batman calls in the rest of the team. Everyone apart from Green Arrow, Black Canary and Flash respond.

Unknowingly, pollution has been dumped on the city of the Pale People, a race whom the Atlanteans had brought up to their own educational and scientific standards. The pollution has destroyed the "Living Proof Rock" that the Pale People which was the foundation of their religion. Like an ancient civilization robbed of their temple, the Pale People are devastated and confused. Out of their devastation and confusion emerges a warmonger ready for revenge.

The Pale People use their knowledge to transform the toxic waste into weapons of destruction -and their target is Atlantis. Demanding that Aquaman surrender to him, Nebeur declares himself ruler of the seas and prepares to attack the surface world.

Meanwhile the JLA have organized themselves into three teams. While Superman and hawkman are to go and investigate the gas and pollution, Green Lantern and Atom will try and locate Aquaman, while Batman searches for the Flash.

After the Justice League defeat the Pale People, the sea king vents his spleen on the JLA, blaming the surface world for the whole carnage filled episode. The proof rock lives again, and Hawkman - like a minister of religion distributing Holy Communion - gives to the Pale People an edible piece of the rock as he gives them a lecture about the nature of faith.

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