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Having found an ancient book that appears to indicate that he once defeated the JLA, Xotar travels from 11,960 to the present to test four weapons against the Justice League in order to determine which weapon will help him defeat the Intersolar Police of his own day. But the JLA counters each of Xotar's weapons and returns him to face justice in his own time. Secret of the Sinister Sorcerers!

  1. Cover by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson.
  2. "Challenge of the Weapons Master!" Reprinted from The Brave and The Bold #29.
  3. "Secrets of the Sinister Sorcerers!" Reprinted from Justice League of America #2.
  4. "Cap's Hobby Hints How to do it Better" by Henry Boltinoff. How to prevent water pipes from dripping water on your train set.
  5. "The Slave Ship of Space!" Reprinted from Justice League of America #3.


  • A.K.A. G-29.
  • All reprint issue.
  • Actual cover date of November-December 1966.

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