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Aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, "Superman" belts the "Green Lantern". "The Batman", "Wonder Woman", and "Zatanna" watch the fight. Imprisoned within a stasis cube, of Kryptonian design, are "the Blockbuster", "the Floronic Man", "Professor Zoom", "the Star Sapphire", and "the Wizard". In reality, the prisoners are the Justice League of America. Using an ancient mystic artifact, the Wizard swapped the souls of the Secret Society of Super-Villains with that of the Justice League of America.

Now, Superman inhabits the Wizard's body. The Batman inhabits the Blockbuster's body. The Green Lantern inhabits Professor Zoom's body. Wonder Woman inhabits the Floronic Man's body. Zatanna inhabits he Star Sapphire's body. While the villains are in possession of the the heroes' bodies. Under the "Wizard's" direction, "Professor Zoom" strikes the one weak point in the stasis cube, millions of time, until it shatters. "The Secret Society Of Super-Villains" find the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America abandoned.

A defense attorney, Mister Sloane, charters a helicopter to Nova Scotia, to meet a mysterious client. "The Secret Society Of Super-Villains" revives the Red Tornado. Believing himself to be surrounded by enemies, the Red Tornado attacks. "The Star Sapphire" orders the Red Tornado to freeze. Unfamiliar with how the star sapphire functions, "the Star Sapphire" is horrified when the Red Tornado literally freezes over. "The Star Sapphire" fears being trapped in the wrong body forever. "The Wizard" suggests finding the "Justice League of America".

"Professor Zoom" breaks into Hijack's cell, at the Bay Federal Prison. "Professor Zoom" tricks Hijack into revealing the location of the Secret Society of Super-Villains' headquarters, within the Courtney Builiding. "The Star Sapphire" creates a bridge to the Courtney Building. The effort leaves her spent. 'The Secret Society of Super-Villains" leaves "the Star Sapphire" behind, to recover, while they storm the Courtney Building. The Green Arrow subdues "the Secret Society of Super-Villains" with a shock arrow.

"The Floronic Man" tries to tell the Green Arrow that he is really Wonder Woman, but "the Green Lantern" muzzles him. The Green Arrow is suspicious of his teammates. "Superman" believes his triumph is assured, having defeated 'the Secret Society of Super-Villains". "Superman", however, has overlooked the fact that "the Star Sapphire" is still at large.

Note: This story arc is reworked from the canceled Secret Society of Super Villains series from 1978. The story arc is later referenced heavily during the Identity Crisis story arc.

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