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The Flash meets with the Hawkman, on the rooftop of S.T.A.R. laboratories, in Manhattan. The Hawkman brings the Flash up to speed on the Justice League of America's new satellite headquarters, as well as the transport tube to get there. A S.T.A.R. laboratories scientist inadvertently releases an alien Dharlu from a moon rock. The Dharlu murders the scientist, then escapes the laboratory. Unseen by either the Flash, or the Hawkman, the Dharlu enters the Justice League of America transport tube. All three scream, as they are teleported up to the satellite. Superman goes over the satellite's schematics with the Justice League of America. Three horrific figures emerge from the transport tube, each a composite creature made up of the Dharlu, the Flash, and the Hawkman.

An epic battle breaks out, as the Justice League of America tries, but fails, to subdue the composite monstrosities. Joining hands, the composite horrors use the Flash's ability to pass through matter to infiltrate the satellite. Upon recovery, the Justice League of America theorizes what has most likely occurred. Using his x-ray vision, Superman locates two of the composite monsters on "B" deck, tampering with the computers. The third creature's wherabouts, however, are unknown. The Justice League of America split up into search teams to deal with the threat. Aquaman, and the Green Arrow, confront one of the creatures. The creature mentally enslaves Aquaman, causing him to beat the Green Arrow into unconsciousness. The Black Canary uses her sonic cry to overwhelm one of the creatures.

No sooner does it fall, however, then the Black Canary is attacked, and subdued, by one of the other creatures. The Atom, and Superman, confront one of the creatures. Superman is repelled, while the Atom is drawn out into space, as the creature exits the airlock. Upon recovery, Aquaman sends the Green Lantern out to rescue the Atom. Superman, and the Green Lantern confront all three creatures, outside of the satellite. Superman realizes that the creatures are attaching a warp drive engine to the hull of the satellite. Before he can alert the Green Lantern, or the Justice League of America, the Man of Steel is subdued. Aquaman gets the Justice League of America into spacesuits so that they can join the battle. From his brief telepathic contact with the creature, Aquaman is able to identify the alien part of the the composite, as well as it's intentions.

The Green Lantern falls in combat. The composite creatures enter the satellite, carrying the unconscious bodies of the Green Lantern, and Superman, with them. Under the creatures' mental enslavement, the Green Lantern attacks the Justice League of America. The Green Arrow launches a sulphur arrow, which floods the chamber with yellow gas, neutralizing the Green Lantern's power ring. The creatures attempt to enslave Superman's mind, only to be stopped by the Atom. Using his super-breath to push the sulphuric gas out of the chamber, Superman stumbles upon the creatures' weakness, extreme cold. The Black Canary collapses, alerting the Justice League of America to the fact that the life support systems have been compromised. The Green Arrow, and Superman, use intense cold to back the creatures into the transport tube.

The Black Canary activates the transporter, separating the Dharlu, the Flash, and the Hawkman. The Flash, and the Hawkman, are transported to another level of the satellite. The Dharlu is left on the transport platform. Superman freezes the Dharlu. The Flash, and the Hawkman, are left unconscious by their ordeal. The Justice League of America's satellite is well on it's way to leaving the galaxy. The Dharlu is returning home to spawn. The Justice League of America attempt to repair the damage the Dharlu has done to the satellite's systems. Superman discovers that the life support systems have been reconfigured to create a replica of a red sun, robbing him of his super-powers. The Dharlu incapacitates the Green Lantern, before fleeing into the satellite's main computer. The Justice League of America freeze the Dharlu inside the computer, imprisoning it forever. The Green Lantern, and Superman, return the satellite to it's proper orbit.

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