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I have been away from blogging for a while now (almost a month since my last full blog) and mostly because I have not really been reading any comics in this span.  Still I have been keeping up when I can and so I recently read Justice League International #7 (there are spoilers ahead).  Granted a lot of people have not been reading JLI at all as it is to be sure a mostly mediocre offering thus far in the new 52 (a lot of people would say that it is less than mediocre) but there are two things which have kept my interest in the series (despite the presence of Guy Gardner) and those are the fact that the team actually is international, and that outside of the Birds of Prey that the team has one of the best ratios of female to male characters (4 to 5).  Not to get too much into the old "women in refrigerators" argument, but the events of issue 7 were not exactly the kind that I was hoping for based on both reasons I listed for reading the series, the one much more than the other.  After the stage the team was standing on at the end of issue 6 was blown up underneath their feet, the team is left in shambles while the few that survived the blast mostly unharmed try to help the others.  The thing is though that there are essentially 4 who are too injured to be of any help and actually require a lot of help themselves - Rocket Red, Ice, Vixen and Fire.  Of those left standing Godiva is shown to be having a stress reaction before disappearaing into the background of the story.  Of course there is a whole story arc ahead, just for me it is too bad that the entire female portion of the team was essentially incapacitated, and really by the writer, and not the fictitious villain.   
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Well it actually makes sense if you think about it.

August General, Booster, and Guy all have personal defenses that would allow them to survive an explosion of that caliber. On the stage August was standing close to Godiva so it makes sense he was able to shield her with his body, as for her going into shock in previous issues it has been made clear that she is not an experienced hero, so i think something of this magnitude has probably shaken her. What happened to Ice made sense she used her Ice to lessen the impact but was still pretty screwed up, Vixen most likely wont be down for long since she can use her totem to gain regenerative capabilities of certain animals such as a snake or maybe a Starfish who knows. The only ones that surprised me were Rocket Red and Fire, you think his armor would be tough enough to stand up to an explosion, also the girl with the power to transform into a fire form, is suffering from burns.

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This issue pretty much killed my already waning enjoyment of this book. As of right now, this was my last issue of JLI.

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I'm actually more interested in this series now. I always enjoy seeing characters go through some adversity and come out stronger because of it. I particularly have my eye on Godiva because she seems to be having a difficult time adjusting to this role.

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