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The European branch of Justice League International headed by Captain Atom.


The team was formed by Maxwell Lord after realizing that too many heroes on a team is as bad as too few. He learned this at recruiting party at the Justice League Embassy in New York when a group of Shrunken Khunds mistaking attacked a room full of heroes. The Khunds got away while the heroes were tripping over themselves to be the one to stop them.


The Justice League was created for the series Justice League Europe. The series ran 50 issues and was later changed to Justice League International.


The team was originally Power Girl, Wally West, Animal Man, Elongated Man, Wonder Woman, Metamorpho, Rocket Red (Dmitri), and Captain Atom. They were originally stationed Paris but later moved to London. Over there time they gained and lost members, notable the addition of Crimson Fox, Sue Dibny, Catherine Cobert, and Stinky among others.

Major Story Arcs

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