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Part 2 of 2, continued from Justice League America (1987) #37. Total insanity ensues as the Paris Embassy of the JLI is invaded by...the one-eyed cat from heck?

Catherine has set up a tour for some french children to see the Justice League Embassy, much to Captain Atom's chagrin. The kids find Captain Atom boring so Ralph steps in and leads the group of children and a news camera man to see the training room.

Unknown to the team Stinky the cat has been teleported from the New York Embassy to Europe and is roaming through the building. Also unknown to everyone, Jean-Jean De Jean, an art thief is in the building trying to steal some of the painting.

Back at the tour Flash and Crimson Fox have been volunteered to demonstrate the training room but Stinky bumps the knob and changes the setting to MAX. Captain Atom has to save the Flash and Fox. Which the kids think is cool.

Then Stinky bumps the Red Alert button and the Justice League America get the alarm and comes flying to France to help. When they arrive everything seem normal but when Guy flies in for closer look he startles Stinky who attacks him, again. This cause the rest of the Justice League America to jump into action, scaring the children.

J'onn talks to Captain Atom in private about what happened, then right on cue Jean-Jean goes running by being attack by Stinky, and everything seem clearer.

Sometime later Catherine tells Captain that the news thought it was all staged for the kids and they all had a great time. But to Captain's dismay Power Girl has decided to keep Stinky as a pet.

Meanwhile, Bluejay continues to escape the Russian government.

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