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Judgment Day, part 1 of 6. After warnings from Vandal Savage, Despero, and Desaad, the Justice League gathers together to prepare for the second coming of the Overmaster. The League also includes recent trainer Jay Garrick, and the newest member of the super-hero community: the second Amazing-Man. Maya and Lionheart’s humanitarian mission in Benares, India is interrupted by the Earth shuttering. While the League is confused as to what happened, Booster Gold volunteers information that he has learned from the future: the Overmaster’s ship has arrived, and burrowed into Mount Everest. Wonder Woman and Captain Atom argue to their next steps, but Wonder Woman eventually concedes to a small team to investigate: Captain Atom, Booster Gold, The Ray, Martian Manhunter, Maxima, Metamorpho, Ice, and Despero. Atom’s team arrives at Mount Everest and find themselves assaulted by alien flying brain-creatures. The team bypasses the alien brains, but run into the Overmaster’s new Cadre. In the fight, Ice is turned against the team, and Booster Gold loses his arm to the Devastator’s axe. With the tides turned, Atom orders the team to retreat to tend to Booster’s wounds. 

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